August, often viewed as a slow month, is a hidden gem for marketing opportunities. Instead of hitting the pause button, use this month to sharpen your branding and expand your business reach. Here’s a detailed breakdown of 15 actionable marketing actions any business professional can undertake in August that will have a big impact now and later.

  1. Optimize Google Alerts for Brand and Network Management: Implementing Google Alerts for your personal name, law firm, key clients and prospective contacts is a strategic move in today’s digital age. By doing so, you can promptly respond to mentions, address any potential concerns and celebrate positive press. Additionally, by tracking your top clients or prospects, you remain informed about their latest developments or challenges, allowing you to tailor your outreach, offer timely assistance, or congratulate them on achievements. Such proactive gestures demonstrate your dedication and can deepen professional relationships, reinforcing trust and keeping you top of mind for future engagements.
  2. Revisit Business Goals: August is the perfect time to review your progress on reaching your goals, analyze any gaps and recalibrate your objectives to remain on track and ensure realistic, actionable targets for the year’s close.
  3. Engage with Former Clients: Rekindle relationships by sharing valuable content like articles or webinars. This “touchpoint” strategy can maintain the bond even without direct business interactions.
  4. Prioritize Steady Content Production: From in-depth articles and analytical blog posts to timely client alerts and opinion pieces, your content showcases your expertise, staying abreast of industry changes and addressing client concerns. By maintaining a regular publishing schedule, you not only keep your clients informed and engaged but also amplify your online presence. As you consistently contribute valuable insights, you cement your reputation as an industry thought leader, making you the go-to expert for both existing clients and potential leads searching for authoritative voices in the legal domain.
  5. Master LinkedIn Engagement: For most professionals, LinkedIn is a goldmine. Ensure you’re actively posting and commenting. Harness the potential of this platform for free branding and networking opportunities.
  6. Craft a LinkedIn Network Strategy: Quality trumps quantity. While building your connections, emphasize cultivating existing relationships and adding valuable contacts purposefully.
  7. Deep Dive into Content Analytics: Regularly review the performance metrics of your blog posts, client alerts, and other digital content. Understand engagement patterns, time spent on pages, and conversion rates. Identify what resonates most with your audience, and recognize trends or topics of high interest. Leveraging these insights not only refines your content strategy but also enhances user experience, ensures relevancy, and bolsters your position as a go-to legal resource.
  8. Refresh Your Bio and LinkedIn for Relevance: Ensure your biography and LinkedIn profile dynamically represent your evolving expertise and accomplishments. Set aside time, at least semi-annually, to weave in recent case successes, newly acquired skills, or additional certifications. Integrate industry-relevant keywords and phrases to optimize search engine visibility, making it easier for potential clients or collaborators to discover your profile. Regularly updating your digital footprint not only ensures accuracy but also showcases your active engagement and commitment to professional growth.
  9. Maximize Alumni Group Connections: Your educational and professional journey has furnished you with invaluable relationships from your alma mater and past firms. Dive into these established networks by actively participating in alumni events, online forums and social platforms dedicated to past graduates or firm members. Engage in discussions, offer mentorship to newer alumni or collaborate on projects. These interactions can lead to a wealth of opportunities—whether it’s client referrals, strategic business partnerships or even lifelong personal bonds. Further, staying connected with these groups keeps you abreast of industry changes and offers diverse perspectives, enriching both your professional and personal growth.
  10. Host a Webinar: Hosting a webinar does more than just create real-time interaction with your audience. It positions you as a thought leader in your domain. Plan your sessions meticulously by identifying pressing topics in the legal sphere, sourcing expert speakers and promoting the event effectively. Once the webinar concludes, its lifecycle has just begun. Transcribe the content, enabling you to craft multiple derivative materials like blog posts, in-depth articles, podcasts and easily digestible social media content. This continuous content stream not only optimizes your outreach but also underscores your commitment to knowledge dissemination and client engagement.
  11. Harness the Power of LinkedIn Groups: Beyond standard networking, LinkedIn Groups present a unique opportunity to target and engage niche audiences. Delve into groups that align with your legal specialty or interest areas. Actively participate in discussions, share your expert insights and circulate bespoke content tailored for that audience. This proactive involvement not only amplifies your content’s reach but also establishes your credibility and fosters genuine relationships with group members. In addition, monitoring trending topics within these groups can offer real-time insights into market demands, helping you pivot or adapt your service offerings or content strategy accordingly.
  12. Enhance Practice Descriptions: Invest time in detailing your areas of specialization, highlighting your experience, case successes, and any relevant certifications. By presenting a transparent and comprehensive overview, you provide potential clients with a roadmap to your unique legal proficiencies, ensuring they discern the depth of your expertise.
  13. Engage Actively in Associations or Committees: Beyond mere membership, take on leadership roles or contribute to initiatives within legal associations or committees. This involvement not only broadens your professional network but also showcases your dedication to the advancement of the legal field. By spearheading projects, participating in think-tanks or leading educational sessions, you solidify your reputation as a proactive, knowledgeable and influential figure in the legal community. This can lead to increased referral opportunities, collaborations and heightened credibility among peers and clients.
  14. Proactively Seek Speaking Opportunities: Don’t wait for invitations—actively pitch yourself for speaking roles at notable legal conferences, workshops and webinars. Demonstrating your expertise on these platforms not only amplifies your visibility but also establishes you as an authority in your field. Engaging directly with audiences allows for immediate feedback, networking and a chance to showcase your in-depth knowledge and eloquence. By consistently contributing to the discourse, you’re better positioned to attract collaborations, partnerships and new client engagements, all while enhancing your professional brand.
  15. Optimize Conference Participation: Don’t just attend, strategically select industry events that align with your firm’s goals and areas of specialization for the upcoming year. Prioritize events that offer workshops, breakout sessions or panels related to your niche. Beyond acquiring the latest insights and best practices, these conferences serve as optimal grounds for forging valuable connections. Engage in active discussions, seek introductions and organize side meetings or dinners to deepen relationships. By being deliberate about your attendance and engagement, you maximize the return on time invested, boosting both your professional development and business prospects.

In wrapping up, August presents a prime opportunity for proactive growth. The choices you make during this month can set the tone for the remainder of the year. Each action, when strategically taken, can significantly influence your brand and business expansion. The question is: which steps will you prioritize?