Over the past few months, you may have noticed LinkedIn’s post composer quick links growing, with more options to help guide what you post about on the platform (and make it easier for you to post).

Most LinkedIn users are now seeing six different custom post creation options at the bottom of their LinkedIn post composer (in your main news feed) – they are:

  • Celebrate an occasion
  • Create a job
  • Find an expert
  • Create a poll
  • Share a profile
  • Offer help

The more recent additions are polls, which LinkedIn added in May, ‘Offer help,’ which it launched last month in light of the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and a new ‘Share a profile’ option, which it also added last month, which enables users to showcase one of your connections via a post – a very useful tool to build relationships with others in your network.

The options follow Facebook’s lead in guiding users as to what to share, as LinkedIn looks for more ways to keep members posting often, while also providing new tools to assist those looking for professional assistance during the pandemic.

Parent company Microsoft reported earlier this year that LinkedIn is seeing record levels of engagement, which has only increased during COVID-19.

Part of that has been improvements to its algorithm to ensure better distribution of content from all users, while LinkedIn has added new tools, like Stories, to maximize interaction and keep more updates flowing through user feeds.

It is interesting to note how LinkedIn is looking to emphasize specific types of engagement and facilitate simpler posting – while it also continues to promote hashtag use and topic following options to maximize utility.

The options also add new considerations for your LinkedIn strategy. Highlighting specific profiles – or getting people to highlight yours – could be a good way to boost awareness, while Stories (still only available in some regions) and polls  facilitate new opportunities. LinkedIn hasn’t made a big deal about these new post quick link options, but it’s worth keeping an eye on which ones appear in your composer, and consider how you might be able to utilize them to maximize your platform performance.

And more enhancements are coming – LinkedIn is also working on new visual presentation tools and other options that could eventually see their own quick links.