Here are 23 tips any brand or individual can use to grow their social media presence on any channel starting today.

  1. Develop a client-centric approach to social media – craft every post with them in mind.
  2. Showcase the human side of your brand
  3. Seek authentic relationships not just followers
  4. Write value-added content that speaks directly

I have noticed many major law firms and companies are not using link shorteners on social media, and so I wanted to explain why you should be using them.

Short URLs are more aesthetically pleasing and functionally more beneficial on social platforms, where long URLs hamper ease of reading a post.

  • If you don’t use

Do you want to reach the right audience for your social media posts? You should!

If so, get laser-focused.

The very first question you need to ask when creating a social media strategy is “what are your goals?”

This question is important to answer because figuring out your goals will help you develop an effective

A question I’ve been getting recently due to a number of companies having organizational changes is “How do I change the name of my company LinkedIn page?”

The answer is it can be done depending on the kind of name change it is and the size of your company, but there are times when you will have to create a new page. You want to avoid creating a new page so that you can retain the follows of all of your employees and alumni who are already linked to the existing LinkedIn page.

Here’s what you need to know about how to do this.

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Did you know that you can withdraw pending LinkedIn connection requests? The person won’t be notified about it.

You can cancel any LinkedIn invitation you’ve sent accidentally, or that you regret sending, as long as the LinkedIn member hasn’t accepted your invitation.

If you’ve sent a LinkedIn invite you are now second-guessing, you should by