I started the Women Who Wow series in March 2020 right before we went into lockdown for the pandemic.

It was intended to be a special feature just for the month of March during Women’s History Month, but it turned into an ongoing celebration of women and their accomplishments and one that I plan on running for a long time because there are so many amazing women out there.

I did it to spotlight women, their amazing career paths and advice. I did it to elevate and empower women. I did it to celebrate the accomplishments of women every day.

I did it for allyship and because I have been the target of mean girls many times in my career. I want to lift up other women and give them a platform to shine.

Women supporting women is a real thing and it can be powerful. I am inspired by so many great women in my industry and beyond, and women entrepreneurs such as Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx who said it’s important for women to be “very authentic in your message, stay vulnerable, be yourself through the process.” She also said, “The biggest hurdles for me as a woman in business were also my greatest strengths — and that was being underestimated.”

I didn’t believe that women supporting women was possible when I worked for a woman who tried to hold me back and another who pushed me out of a job because she saw me as a threat. I started to believe that was the norm in business.

After years of dealing with that kind of negativity, I didn’t know there was something else out there. But there is. And I want women at all stages of their careers to know that.

There is room for all of us. We can all learn from each other. We are stronger when we support each other.

I am proud to amplify the voices of female leaders, and I hope you will read their stories. All of the resources on this blog are designed to empower and help women of all levels become their best professional selves.

Here’s the listing of the profiles on the blog (if you search “women who wow,” you will get the results too).

Here’s a comment from one of the Women Who Wow about the initiative:

“I really love this community of allyship that you’re building. Like a lot of women, I’ve worked for women who did not think there was room for more than one smart woman at the table. I’ve also come to realize that after so much time working with lawyers, I got used to thinking about ways to position them and not myself, so I really appreciate the opportunity to do that.” 

If you would like to suggest an exceptional woman to profile, please send me a message.

Here are some resources to read on women’s-related topics on the blog. Also if you want to be a guest contributor on any issues like this, please let me know!

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