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I started the Women Who Wow series in March 2020 right before we went into lockdown for the pandemic.

It was intended to be a special feature just for the month of March during Women’s History Month, but it turned into an ongoing celebration of women and their accomplishments and one that I plan on running for a long time because there are so many amazing women out there.

I did it to spotlight women, their amazing career paths and advice. I did it to elevate and empower women. I did it to celebrate the accomplishments of women every day.

I did it for allyship and because I want to lift up other women and give them a platform to shine.

Women supporting women is powerful. I am inspired by so many great women in my industry and beyond, and women entrepreneurs such as Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx who said it’s important for women to be “very authentic in your message, stay vulnerable, be yourself through the process.”

She also said, “The biggest hurdles for me as a woman in business were also my greatest strengths — and that was being underestimated.”

I didn’t believe that women supporting women was possible when I worked for a woman who tried to hold me back and another who pushed me out of a job because she saw me as a threat. I started to believe that was the norm in business.

After years of dealing with that kind of negativity, I knew I wanted to create supportive community of women who wanted each other to succeed and help one another.


We can all learn so much from each other – from each other’s experiences and stories. That’s why each of these Q&As are so powerful. There is such great advice from each woman in them that we can share with each other.

I am proud to amplify the voices of female leaders, and I hope you will read their stories. All of the resources on this blog are designed to empower and help women of all levels become their best professional selves.

Here’s the listing of the profiles on the blog (if you search “women who wow,” you’ll get the results too). Sign up for the Women Who Wow email list.

Amy Adams Michelle Calcote King Deborah Scaringi
Robyn Addis Olivia Kiratu Jennifer Schaller
Gia Altreche Jennifer Klyse Alice Simons
Jahna Barbar Deb Knupp Nancy Slome
Holly Barocio Suzanne Koch Jennifer Smuts
Michelle Bonds Brandie Knox Sonya Som
Renee Branson Erinn Larson Alycia Sutor
Helen Burness Helena Lawrence Lynn Tellefsen-Stehle
Lavinia Calvert Misty Leon Joanne Thorud
Thais Cedeno Laura Leopard Pam Tobias
Sara Coffey Trish Lilley Logan Tracey
Melinda Cox Katie Lipp Karie Trujillo
Elena Cutri Melanie Lippman Maggie Watson
Michelle De Blasi Kim Lyons Eva Wisnik
Katrina Dewey Jody Maier Piazza Emily Witt
Jennifer Dezso Nicole Marshall Emily Woloschuk
Catherine Duke Nina McCann Erin Marie Meyer
Paula Edgar Deborah McMurray Jennifer Gillman
Kelly Enache Ruth Morayniss Shari Belitz
Deborah Farone Merry Neitlich Kelly Harbour
Laura Frederick Allison Nussbaum Vickie Gray
Susan Freeman Michelle O’Driscoll Vivian Hood
Michelle Friends Sheryl Odentz Nancy Stein
Tahisha Fugate Robin Oliver Lisa Niser
Erika Galarneau Linda Orton Despina Kartson
Karen Gamba Molly Pease Jaimie Field
Jessica Grayson Janet Petrillo Devora Lindeman
Emily Griesing Monica Phillips Heather Stevenson
Jeanne Hammerstrom Laura Powers Lisa Lang
Caroline Hennessy Alexis Robertson Erin Hawk
Caroline Hess Gina Rubel Nathalie Daum
Emily Joslin Carolyn Sandano Susanne Mandel
Karen Kahn Catherine Sanderson Sarah Marshall
Iris Jones Nita Sanger Michelle Martinez Reyes
Rafeedah Keys Purvi Sanghvi Brenda Pontiff
Leigh Doyle Ali Anechiarico Janessa Shaikun
Patty Morrissy Silvia Coulter Betsi Roach

Here’s a comment from one of the Women Who Wow about the initiative:

“I really love this community of allyship that you’re building. Like a lot of women, I’ve worked for women who did not think there was room for more than one smart woman at the table. I’ve also come to realize that after so much time working with lawyers, I got used to thinking about ways to position them and not myself, so I really appreciate the opportunity to do that.” 

If you would like to suggest an exceptional woman to profile, please send me a message.

Here are some resources to read on women’s-related topics on the blog. Also if you want to be a guest contributor on any issues like this, please let me know!

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