Kindness, trust and empathy are among the characteristics I look for in my professional “wolfpack,” and I am so lucky to have found a group of strong women who support and get me in a very cutthroat world. 

Unfortunately not all women are supportive of each other in the workplace. I think sometimes competition and jealousy brings out “mean girls” behavior in some. I’ve been on the receiving end of this many times in our industry from women young and old – and it is not fun to say the least.

And although I’ve gotten knocked down, I always dust myself off and I’m always okay, because I have learned how to be resilient. A lot of times these women act atrocious because something about you makes them feel bad about themselves that they wish they could do. It is good old-fashioned jealousy rearing its ugly head. Here’s what you do – keep being you, pay them no mind and feel sorry for them instead. 

So on this International Women’s Day, I just wanted to thank all of the women in my life who support me, talk me off my professional ledges and make me a better version of me – you know who you are. Together we can ensure that we will have strong women leaders in our field for generations to come. It has never been more important to stand by other women as it is today. Now find your Wolfpack and howl together.