As an active user of LinkedIn every day for many years, I have seen a lot of good, bad and ugly practices on the platform. A few of these pesky faux pas continue to show up over and over – which can undermine the LinkedIn efforts of the individuals who continue to make these mistakes. In this article, I’ll explore the three major missteps I see, and what to do instead to make your LinkedIn presence more effective.

I’m often asked how you can get a post to go viral on LinkedIn. It doesn’t happen often but it can. When I went viral, my post got more than a million views and 12,000 likes and it surprised even me. I knew it would do well, but not that well. Here’s the thing, going viral on LinkedIn isn’t about trying to go viral. Nor is it just about getting your content in front of people, it’s about getting it in front of the right people.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally about showing love to the people who matter most to us, but it’s also a great time to recognize the tools and platforms that play a significant role in our professional development.

LinkedIn, with its network of nearly one billion users worldwide, is one such tool, deserving of recognition for its impact on career advancement and networking. This February 14th, let’s shift our focus to appreciate LinkedIn for its role in connecting us with opportunities, industry peers and valuable insights that aid our careers.LinkedIn goes beyond just linking professionals; it’s a dynamic space for learning, sharing and growing within your industry.

Who says Valentine’s Day is reserved solely for the world of consumer romance, with its bouquets, heart-shaped chocolates, and candlelit dinners? There’s a unique opportunity for businesses to craft content that resonates with the themes of love and appreciation, not just for partners and spouses but for clients, employees, and the community your business serves. Here are some ideas for how B2B companies can harness the spirit of the day to strengthen relationships and express gratitude in meaningful ways.

In today’s digital age, your professional presence online can significantly influence your career trajectory. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, stands at the forefront of this digital revolution. However, merely having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. The question is, are you fully leveraging LinkedIn to your advantage, or are you inadvertently linked out, missing out on the myriad opportunities it offers? Here’s how to maximize your professional impact using LinkedIn.

Creating a content calendar filled with engaging and relevant content is a constant challenge for many businesses. Leveraging holidays and special days is a strategic approach to keep your content fresh, engaging and in tune with your audience’s current interests. This post provides insights into how businesses can integrate holidays and special days into their content strategy to enhance their social media and marketing efforts.

As businesses seek to strengthen their presence on social media, recognizing and participating in relevant holidays, monthlong commemorations and special days can significantly enhance engagement and connectivity with their audience. March presents a variety of opportunities for businesses to craft compelling content that resonates with their followers. Here’s a strategic guide to leveraging these dates for impactful social media posts and content creation.

LinkedIn recently announced that it will discontinue its Creator Mode, which was initially launched in 2021 to bolster user engagement through specialized features like profile hashtags and a “Featured” section where you could pin important updates to your profile.

This change is part of LinkedIn’s evolving strategy to enhance content visibility and discovery without relying on hashtags, leveraging system matching and AI technologies instead.