What’s a mistake that many law firms and business professionals make on LinkedIn?

They take the time to create a great post and then they never post it again. I call this “one and done.”

This is a huge mistake. Why? Because most people will never see your post and even those who do won’t

A LinkedIn content tip – make sure your LinkedIn strategy is optimized for mobile device users.

According to LinkedIn’s editors, the majority of content on LinkedIn is read by users on mobile devices. And when it comes to the sponsored content on your company page, that number is even bigger. 80% of sponsored content clicks

In this video I explore why you need a LinkedIn company page regardless of your company size.

Your company page gives you a platform to post information about what you do and promote important news, insights, events and services. It’s one of the most powerful online marketing tools for all organizations if you consistently post

Why do some professionals struggle to build their personal brands on LinkedIn? Because they start with the wrong mindset.

They focus on themselves and their services. They use social media to promote themselves. They think ME ME ME. Look at me. Look how great I am. I’m a Super Lawyer! They sound boastful, not unique

Administrative Professionals Day is tomorrow Wednesday, April 21. It’s a work holiday recognizing the contributions of assistants and office staff and showing appreciation for them.

Ways to celebrate the day include giving your employees small gifts (electronic ideas below or you can do branded tokens), showing appreciation internally and on social media and planning virtual

Michelle O’Driscoll has been in the legal marketing industry for more than 30 years, which means she’s pretty much seen and done it all.

As the Senior Business Development Manager at Sheppard Mullin LLP in San Francisco, Michelle is responsible for leading strategic practice group and industry team marketing initiatives to help lawyers increase their revenue and expand visibility.

In her bio, she calls herself “results-oriented, a connector and a “doer” and a critical member of any marketing SWAT team” which I think is clever and terrific.

Michelle previously worked in marketing roles for Bingham McCutchen, Sedgwick and Heller Ehrman. She is the mother of identical twin sons and co-authored the popular book “Play Around the Bay: A Guide to Bay Area Outings for Families with Young Children,” first published in 1999.

Learn more about her in this Women Who Wow profile.

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There are so many reasons to use social media and if you are going to do so, it’s important to create a social media strategy for your organization whether it is large or small. I suggest keeping your strategy simple and focused.

What you don’t want to do is haphazardly start posting content. Having a