I’m honored/humbled/excited/thrilled to announce that I’ve been nominated for a “lawyer of distinction” award but there’s just one problem, I’m not a lawyer!

And this is exactly why I have an issue with so many of these lawyer “awards.” They’re scams.

My PSA to all lawyers – I promise that you DO NOT need these

Providing LinkedIn training to your employees is a smart investment worth making for many reasons.

For starters, to be truly successful at LinkedIn as an organization and to harness the power of LinkedIn for lead generation and brand building, you need to tap into your employees’ valuable professional networks.

What holds most people back from

If you’re ready to start doing more marketing but you aren’t sure where to start or exactly where you should focus, here are some ideas for things you can do that will have a strong impact on your brand building and business development efforts.

These branding and business development tips will work for any size

So you want to start writing more on LinkedIn but you sometimes struggle to come up with content ideas? I’ve got you covered!

Here are 20 content prompts to inspire anyone in any field.

All that it’s missing is your unique experience from your perspective. And that’s what your content advantage is.

Take a look

Jeffrey Lowe knows a thing or two about the legal market. He is the Global Practice Leader of Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Law Firm Practice Group where he represents high-profile law firm partners and groups and high-ranking government officials in Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey is also the creator and author of the Major, Lindsey & Africa

Janessa Shaikun has overseen marketing efforts at Baltimore law firm Franklin & Prokopik since March 2015. She currently serves as the firm’s Director of Marketing and Business Development

Janessa is a longtime Legal Marketing Association volunteer, and has held several leadership roles.

In her spare time, Janessa enjoys skiing, playing Baltimore city social sports, watching the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Learn more about her in this Women Who Wow profile.

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In this installment of Women Who Wow, learn more about Silvia Coulter.

Silvia Coulter is a Co-founding Principal of LawVision, and is one of the legal industry’s most experienced sales, key client planning and leadership experts.

Her experience includes working as a former strategic account executive and sales leader at a Fortune 50 company, a chief marketing and business development officer at two global law firms, and consultant and facilitator to law firms across the globe.

She is a co-founder of the Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) and a Past Elected President of the Legal Marketing Association and a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator at law firm retreats and legal industry meetings.

Silvia is so generous with her time and is a true advocate for women and for the legal profession. I hope you enjoy learning about her.

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People ask me all the time about how I’ve achieved success on LinkedIn. First off it took years!

It wasn’t something that happened overnight. I was posting on LinkedIn and building my brand on LinkedIn long before I ever needed it as a business owner and entrepreneur.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start today.

Don’t let the last few weeks of the year go to waste when it comes to your marketing and business development efforts.

Here are a few actions you can take to build your brand and business as the year comes to a close.

  • Google yourself and set up Google Alerts for your top clients and

Join me for a webinar on January 12 at 12pm ET with LSSO on How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Client Retention.

This program will take you through the how-to’s on building a strong profile, using the platform to generate business and new connections, how to share your successes to demonstrate your value