Building and maintaining strong client relationships is tantamount for law firms of any size. Secondments and reverse secondments have emerged as innovative strategies for achieving this goal, offering benefits for both law firms and their clients. These arrangements involve temporarily transferring employees between organizations, fostering a deeper understanding and collaboration. Secondments can be a valuable client development and client retention tool for law firms – when done right. Learn more about how to leverage secondments and reverse secondments and how to create a successful secondment program at your law firm.

The legal industry is inundated with opportunities for lawyers and law firms to enhance their visibility and prestige. One such opportunity is the inclusion in directories like Super Lawyers, which offers paid profiles and bios. While some believe that paying for these enhanced listings is essential for credibility and client attraction, this blog post explores why that may not necessarily be the case.

Law firm professionals often grapple with decisions around leveraging industry accolades. A prime example is whether a law firm should purchase the badge associated with rankings from entities like Chambers, Super Lawyers or Best Law Firms.

These badges can be used as a marketing tool, a recruiting tool, a stamp of approval and a potential client magnet. But is it worth the investment? Let’s delve into the pros and cons and explore how law firms can maximize the value of these accolades.

In a world where legal services are increasingly competitive, many law firms, particularly small and midsize ones, still lean on traditional, ‘small potatoes’ marketing strategies.

These basic tactics include sponsorships, event attendance, blog writing and press releases – practices that, while necessary, are no longer sufficient on their own.

To stand out, especially against larger firms with more resources, smaller law firms need to embrace more sophisticated, strategic marketing approaches. Here are some ideas.

When a law firm brings on a lateral hire, announcing their arrival is a critical step to help set them up for success. But what’s equally important is the groundwork laid before the announcement, ensuring the new hire’s successful integration and immediate impact. This article explores key strategies law firms should employ in preparation for announcing a lateral hire.

The way many law firms typically approach social media and content creation often misses the mark. The content is often dry, boring, firm-centric and is a regurgitation of news posted on your website. It also often lacks the social part in social media. While sharing firm news such as award wins, recent matter victories, firm news and achievements is undoubtedly important to your firm, it may not always strike a chord with clients and potential clients. But you can do it better. Here are key takeaways for law firms to revamp their content strategy and truly engage their audience.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, has become a powerhouse for law firms seeking to connect with clients, prospects, the media and prospective talent. Yet, if you’ve ever browsed through the LinkedIn company pages of many law firms, you might have noticed a common theme: boring content. 

So, why is most law firm LinkedIn content so dull, and more importantly, how can we do better? Let’s dive in.

LinkedIn has become a pivotal tool for professionals across industries, and law firms are no exception. Properly leveraging LinkedIn can lead to new business development opportunities, brand reinforcement, and increased visibility in the legal sector. Here’s how law firms of all sizes can optimize their LinkedIn presence for business development and lead generation efforts.

As the legal industry evolves so is the way in which law firms communicate with their potential clients and the public. While traditional earned media through public relations has been the tried and true method for garnering visibility which can then be leveraged by law firms on social media, leveraging owned media for social media marketing offers law firms a fresh and authentic approach to engaging their audience. Here’s how your law firm can effectively incorporate owned media into its content marketing strategy.