The next Woman Who Wows is Betsi Roach, who I have known for many years when she was the executive director of the Legal Marketing Association. Betsi led the LMA with grace, collaboration and humility.

She understood members’ unique challenges, developing policy and advocacy campaigns to address these challenges, and worked with volunteers to create educational programs and content to meet member needs

Betsi is now the executive director of CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium), the world’s leading association for legal operations professionals.

Learn more about Betsi and why she’s a woman who wows.

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If your alumni relations program is not a priority for your marketing, recruiting and business development efforts for 2022, it should be!

Here are some ideas for how to creatively and effectively engage with your alumni beyond just organizing an alumni event or sending out a periodic email.

Law firm alumni are among the most

You’ve likely heard the term the “Great Resignation” as workers quit their jobs in record numbers this year.

So how do you turn the Great Resignation around for your organization?

Focus instead on the Great Retention.

Think about how are you going to keep your employees and create a culture of opportunity, professional development

2021 has been an unprecedented year in the legal industry. While firms were cautious during the first part of Covid, they emerged late last fall and into 2021 with a boom in legal work and a serious need for more lawyers to do that work.

Client demand led to a boom in legal hiring unlike

I recently went viral on LinkedIn, getting over one million views and 10,000 likes on a single post.

I knew the post would do well, but it not this well! However I know why it resonated with others so much.

In this program on November 10 at 12:30pm ET, I will share with

No matter what your employer says, you are not part of a “family.”

You are an employee – most times, an “at-will employee” who can be terminated or replaced at any time.

Your workplace isn’t your family and it’s important to remember that your employer does not owe you anything and may not always look

Meet Susanne Mandel, the Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer at Lowndes, a multidiscipline law firm in Orlando, Florida.

She has been a creative leader and strategic innovator for global, regional and small law firms for nearly three decades, including at two AmLaw 100 firms and has worked with law firms of all sizes around

Although it’s been a challenging 18 months with the pandemic affecting us personally and professionally, you don’t have to feel stuck.

Use this time to set plans into motion for the future and building the life that you want for yourself.

I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned that it’s never to late

No one likes to hear no. Especially me. And I feel like I’ve been hearing no on a number of fronts lately, which has me not feeling so confident.

If there is one thing that’s true about being an entrepreneur or being in sales, it’s that you have to get used to rejection and failure.