It’s been a busy week for me not only with regular client work, still unpacking from the move into my dream home and prepping for Thanksgiving (be safe everyone), but I also added a new member to my family.

I lost my beloved French bulldog Charlie in June due to long-term health issues. I couldn’t

The past year had some major highs and lows.

I found myself suddenly single, unemployed, the victim of mean girls and forced to move into a temporary apartment. Then the pandemic happened. And my beloved dog suddenly passed away. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did.

I cried for three months straight after

Those of you who follow my blog and follow me on LinkedIn know that I write quite a bit about mean girls and the fact that I have zero tolerance for this behavior having been the victim of it many times.

Of course we have each been a mean girl at one point in our lives, and I’m sure we aren’t proud of it. I am not. Learn from it, vow to be a better person and encourage others to stop the behavior when you see it.

I wrote an article on the blog recently about doing a personal social media follower cleanse/purge – it was my way of social distancing.

I talked about warning signs of when to realize a friendship is over. I lost a number of friends last year due to a messy breakup. People took sides, which happens.

One particular friend and I had issues under the surface for quite some time, and we were passive aggressively handling it. The tension was there, and we were growing distant.

As I wrote on the blog, I felt that she constantly put me down, disrespected me, insulted me and made snide comments at my expense. She was too close with my boyfriend at the time and would discuss me with him, which I repeatedly asked her not to do. Her response was “well tell your boyfriend to stop texting me, he’s my friend too.” She was complex because it was okay for her to have a separate friendship with my boyfriend, but I was not allowed to be friends with hers.

She and my ex were alike in that they saw many things in black and white and wanted me to get over arguments on their timetable – they couldn’t understand  that sometimes people take longer to work through their feelings.

In any event, I wrote about her on the blog and received a nasty text the very next morning.

This is not the first time this has happened.

She, my ex and the ex friend he replaced me with apparently read my blog every day, which is weird and amusing to me.  This ex-friend couldn’t help herself and called it a “bullshit blog” in her mean girl text to me, which made me chuckle, because despite her attempts to say she’s not a mean girl it keeps coming out.

As if I care what she thinks of me after all she’s done to me and said about me.

One of the hardest pills for me to swallow over the past year is that someone who was one of my closest friends is nothing like the person I thought they were. Imagine finding out not only one but two of your closest friends stabbed you in the back as well as your significant other.

I want to share what she wrote to me because it is a textbook case of an insecure mean girl lashing out at a former friend just to assert herself, try to hit her pain points (or say things she thinks will hurt the victim), try to put the former friend down (who she already turned against) and again be a bully. Normal people don’t speak to others this way.
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