Being professionally ghosted is an awful feeling.

This is the kind of ghosting when you are courted for a business opportunity, a client matter or a potential job and then things go completely silent.

When it happened to me, I was left wondering what went wrong. Did I do something wrong?

Why would an opportunity 

Janessa Shaikun has overseen marketing efforts at Baltimore law firm Franklin & Prokopik since March 2015. She currently serves as the firm’s Director of Marketing and Business Development

Janessa is a longtime Legal Marketing Association volunteer, and has held several leadership roles.

In her spare time, Janessa enjoys skiing, playing Baltimore city social sports, watching the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Learn more about her in this Women Who Wow profile.

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If you’ve gained weight over the pandemic (like me) and just don’t feel great about yourself, read this post.

Many of us are returning to the office or socializing for the first time in two years and may be feeling anxious about our physical changes.

Quarantine weight gain is not something to be ashamed of.

If you don’t create it, someone else will.

If you don’t post it, someone else will.

If you don’t dream it, someone else will.

If you don’t do it today, someone else will.

If you don’t believe in it, someone else will.

So why not you? Or me.

Our ability to succeed hinges upon believing

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard no in my career and in my personal life.

Maybe I was the final candidate for a job that I didn’t get, or someone broke up with me or I didn’t get selected for a speaking slot or a potential client decided to work with another

In what could be the most misguided retention strategy in this highly competitive legal hiring market, some law firms are offering associates cash bonuses if they allow their employer to manage their LinkedIn accounts or if they close their LinkedIn accounts.

I almost spit out my coffee when I heard this. And I’ve heard some