If you haven’t turned on Creator Mode on LinkedIn, now is the time to do it. Especially if you are a content creator and especially if you are trying to build your brand.

Creator Mode is a profile setting on your LinkedIn dashboard that can help you grow your reach and influence on LinkedIn.

Providing LinkedIn training to your employees is a smart investment worth making for many reasons.

For starters, to be truly successful at LinkedIn as an organization and to harness the power of LinkedIn for lead generation and brand building, you need to tap into your employees’ valuable professional networks.

What holds most people back from

Educational webinars are one of the most effective forms of marketing for generating leads, promoting your business and its employees, and boosting conversions for professional service organizations.

But once the webinar is over your work is far from over. In fact that is where the greatest opportunities are.

Smart marketers find creative ways to extend

Being professionally ghosted is an awful feeling.

This is the kind of ghosting when you are courted for a business opportunity, a client matter or a potential job and then things go completely silent.

When it happened to me, I was left wondering what went wrong. Did I do something wrong?

Why would an opportunity 

Before I post anything to social media, my rule of thumb is to ask myself the following questions:

  1. Will anyone but me care about this?
  2. Does this help anyone else?
  3. Does my post seem too self-promotional or boastful?

If the answer to these is “yes,” I don’t post it or I find another way to

I’m going to give you some unconventional advice today.

You don’t need a blog. Or a podcast. Or an Instagram. Or a TikTok. Or to even post on LinkedIn.

What you do need are marketing activities that make sense for your brand and business that excite you.

You should do strategic marketing where you’ll reach

Being effective on social media in professional services takes planning, creativity and participation from lawyers and employees, but you really don’t need a big budget or a big team to have a successful social media strategy at a law firm.

Here are 20 effective social media best practices that any size law firm should consider

If your alumni relations program is not a priority for your marketing, recruiting and business development efforts for 2022, it should be!

Here are some ideas for how to creatively and effectively engage with your alumni beyond just organizing an alumni event or sending out a periodic email.

Law firm alumni are among the most

Most content on LinkedIn is boring. It’s dry. It has no personality. It’s forgettable. And it’s too self-promotional.

The best way to promote yourself and your services is to provide value and help others. So many people and companies forget that.

They think if they post about the closing of a big deal or their

Don’t let the last few weeks of the year go to waste when it comes to your marketing and business development efforts.

Here are a few actions you can take to build your brand and business as the year comes to a close.

  • Google yourself and set up Google Alerts for your top clients and