In this program on December 21, I will take you through all of the elements of a successful LinkedIn profile and how to optimize your profile for personal branding and lead generation.

I’ll cover to how to create a strong LinkedIn headline, cover image and summary/about section. I’ll also discuss:

  • How to use the featured

Your professional biography is one of the most important pieces of copy you’ll ever write about yourself. It’s your opportunity to showcase your work, capabilities, and areas of expertise, and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Your bio can serve as an important business development tool if it is well-crafted…

Many in-house counsel cite lawyer bios as one of the most important sources of information regarding researching outside lawyers (yes, everyone is Googling you and your bio is usually the number one search result of your name). In addition, lawyer bios are among the most trafficked pages on law firm web sites.

Your bio can serve as an important business development tool if it is well-crafted. Yet within the legal industry, so many bios are still lackluster, outdated, not client-focused or just poorly written.  

Given the power of bios, it has always baffled me that many lawyers do not update theirs at least several times a year or write them with a client focus. The new year is a great reason to take a fresh look at your bio and make enhancements to it. Now let’s get to work!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – which means it’s time to send out holiday cards!

If you haven’t yet started to plan your holiday card, it’s not too late – and it’s an important touchpoint with your clients and prospects that you should absolutely incorporate into your marketing strategy.

I recommend sending

It’s important to remember that just because you created a useful article or blog post or are hosting a timely webinar, there is no guarantee that anyone will actually know about it.

The idea of “if you build it they will come” isn’t necessarily true when it comes to your marketing efforts. You need to

Many of us work in fields where our website content can be well, boring. Or maybe dry is a better way to put it.

But your content doesn’t necessarily have to put people to sleep no matter what it’s about.

Your clients and prospective clients have needs and they go to your website to find

If you want people to share your content, you need to make it easy for them to do it.

This is one of the main reasons why I see low engagement on social media for certain companies.

Shares on social media can help get your content in front of new eyes, increase your brand’s credibility

I’m often asked how you can get a post to go viral on LinkedIn. It doesn’t happen often but it can. I recently got 1 million views and 12,000 likes on one post.

Here’s the thing, going viral on LinkedIn isn’t about trying to go viral.

In my experience the best way to go viral

The National Law Review recently featured me on its podcast on all the reasons why lawyers need to use social media, content marketing and networking. Some highlights:

The firms that are still putting out content without thinking that user habits have changed are at a disadvantage.

So are the firms that aren’t using LinkedIn in

Do you want to know why your LinkedIn posts aren’t doing as well as they could be?

They’re too much about you.

They’re not helpful.

They’re not written with your audience in mind or in their language.

They focus on your successes and sound boastful.

They don’t have compelling images.

They don’t tell a story.

Today is National Entrepreneurs Day, a day on which we highlight people who have designed, built and run a business from scratch.

I am lucky to have so many amazing entrepreneurs in my life from whom I learn every day.

I am an accidental entrepreneur – I started my own business after losing my job