If you’re a lawyer looking to stand out and grow your practice, here’s a strategy worth considering: becoming an adjunct professor or guest lecturer. This path isn’t just about adding a title to your resume; it’s about deeply enriching your professional credentials, elevating your personal brand, building connections with the community and opening doors to new opportunities. Here’s why venturing into academia could be a smart move for your legal career and how to do it.

Cultivating a strong reputation and expanding your practice is so important for your success, especially in a field crowded with professionals who offer similar services. Standing out in such a competitive environment requires not just expertise, but a distinguishable presence that resonates with clients, prospects and others.

However, not everyone is comfortable with or inclined towards personal branding and being in the spotlight. If you fall into this category, that’s okay!

You can still elevate your professional standing and develop business through alternative, yet equally powerful, strategies. Here’s how.

Valentine’s Day often emphasizes romantic connections, which might seem exclusive to those in relationships, potentially overlooking the significance of being single. However, this day also offers an great opportunity for everyone, especially single people, to focus on self-love and personal fulfillment. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is not about missing out; it’s an opportunity to practice self-care and appreciate your own company in meaningful ways. Here’s how to make Valentine’s Day a celebration of self-care, self-appreciation and self-love.

In the world of business and personal branding, the notion that “you have to spend money to make money” is a common adage. However, my experience has taught me something important: providing value for free can yield returns far beyond the initial investment. This post will explore the power of free offerings and provide actionable advice on how to leverage these opportunities to benefit your career.

Remote work has become much more the norm today, and for those employees who are not going into the office regularly – or at all, it’s crucial not to fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category.

Falling into the “out of sight, out of mind” category as a remote worker can be detrimental to your career progression. This is because visibility in the workplace often correlates with opportunities for mentorship, recognition and advancement. Being physically absent from the office may inadvertently lead to being overlooked for promotions, challenging projects or professional development opportunities. Here’s how to overcome this.

Stepping into the role of a solo marketer at a law firm presents a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. I know firsthand having been in this position at several law firms. It’s a dynamic position where you are the one solely responsible for managing and executing the firm’s marketing efforts, balancing being pulled in a lot of directions on projects that range from high-level strategy to the mundane everyday tasks with poise and sound counsel.

It’s never been more important to harness the power of your personal brand. This is because each of us has a personal brand whether we invest in it or not thanks to Google searches, LinkedIn and good old fashioned word-of-mouth inquiries. Also, every day you choose not to put yourself out there, someone else in your field is taking that step. Their visibility sets them apart, even if they’re not as skilled as you in your field. In this article, I’ll explore why visibility matters and how to harness it to benefit your brand and business.

As we approach 2024, the significance of personal branding in the corporate world is becoming more apparent than ever. It’s not just a trend; it’s rapidly turning into a crucial element of corporate strategy.

Companies that overlook the importance of personal branding risk falling behind in the competitive race. Here’s why personal branding is a make-or-break factor for companies in 2024 and the three key strategies to build a robust personal brand.