Being effective on social media in professional services takes planning, creativity and participation from lawyers and employees, but you really don’t need a big budget or a big team to have a successful social media strategy at a law firm.

Here are 20 effective social media best practices that any size law firm should consider

If your alumni relations program is not a priority for your marketing, recruiting and business development efforts for 2022, it should be!

Here are some ideas for how to creatively and effectively engage with your alumni beyond just organizing an alumni event or sending out a periodic email.

Law firm alumni are among the most

I personally hate the term “new year’s resolutions” and maybe you’re with me on this too.

I also never stick to resolutions whether they are in my personal or professional life.

The new year feels like a new beginning, which is why so many people often set lofty resolutions during these times.

But that’s a

I have an idea for you to engage with your clients and prospects this time of year – send them a year-in-review email.

An effective year-in-review email strengthens confidence in your business, shows your growth while reinforcing your market position.

Think of your year-in-review email like an annual review of your company’s top highlights over

People ask me all the time about how I’ve achieved success on LinkedIn. First off it took years!

It wasn’t something that happened overnight. I was posting on LinkedIn and building my brand on LinkedIn long before I ever needed it as a business owner and entrepreneur.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start today.

Most content on LinkedIn is boring. It’s dry. It has no personality. It’s forgettable. And it’s too self-promotional.

The best way to promote yourself and your services is to provide value and help others. So many people and companies forget that.

They think if they post about the closing of a big deal or their

Don’t let the last week of the year go to waste when it comes to your marketing and business development efforts.

Instead use this time to your advantage while everyone else is taking a break.

Here are a few actions you can take to build your brand and business as the year comes to a