I’m working with a lawyer client who has been practicing law for 25+ years and recently lateraled to this firm.

When I looked at his LinkedIn profile, I immediately noticed that only had his most current role listed in his work experience section, making it look like he had only been practicing law for 8

Although 2020 was a tough and odd year for all of us in so many ways (it sort of felt like we were on house arrest at times), I found it to be a welcome period to recharge and reset my life.

It was a time to slow down and spend more time close to home. So many of us were pushed out of our comfort zones only to grow stronger.

Every time I make a mistake in my career or life, it becomes wisdom and a lesson I don’t have to learn again. We are all growing – every single day.

I want to thank 2020 for many reasons because it certainly taught me a lot.
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There’s one week left of 2020 (thank god!). Use it wisely by improving your LinkedIn profile.

Here are some specific things you can do on LinkedIn starting this week to enhance your presence – why wait until 2021?

  1. Update your web and LinkedIn bio. (Make sure to use keywords that describe what you do to

This is a great time of year to take some positive actions when it comes to your personal and professional relationships. Every kind of relationship in our lives can use some recharging from time to time.

I personally dislike the term “resolution” because I think it sounds negative and as if you need to improve