Over the past year and a half I have learned the hard way about what makes a good friend and what does not.

I have definitely learned how to be a better friend myself after being betrayed by several so-called good friends.

I’ve also learned that you don’t need a lot of friends in your

Each day is a great opportunity to learn something new and to challenge yourself.

For example, I never thought I could be a published author, but I loved to write. I now write articles all the time for major publications, and I have a blog. I had to believe in myself, ask others for advice,

The past year had some major highs and lows.

I found myself suddenly single, unemployed, the victim of mean girls and forced to move into a temporary apartment. Then the pandemic happened. And my beloved dog suddenly passed away. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did.

I cried for three months straight after

No matter how brilliant a lawyer is, he/she is unlikely to steadily bring in business throughout their career solely through providing high-quality legal services.

In any relationship-driven business, the vast majority of work goes to those who not only do great work but who understand their clients’ businesses inside and out, make their clients look good both internally and externally, and are the kind of people with whom clients genuinely like working.

That being said, building relationships takes patience, persistence and a personal touch, which are skills that all of us can refine and polish.

I’ve put together tips for lawyers at any level focusing on cultivating and strengthening relationships (although they can be adapted to anyone in pretty much any field). I hope they inspire you (and lead to new clients)!

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