Here’s one easy thing you should do on LinkedIn today that will help you build your brand and business.

It’s all about leveraging comments to your advantage and using them to build your subject matter authority on LinkedIn.

When you post insightful comments, people notice and you elevate your brand as a result.

You can

We all have to get dressed each day. So how to do we do it with confidence and strategy as we head into Fall and Winter especially when we are still mostly working from home and Covid is still front and center in our lives?

Let’s face it, times are different and keep changing. But

Lisa Lang is the General Counsel at Kentucky State University where she leads a team of four professionals while serving on the university president’s senior leadership team for a  campus with more than 2000 students and 135 full-time instructional faculty. She also hosts a successful podcast “Why Not This Not That.”

She is an active

I’m seeing a lot of photos of kids returning to school holding their signs so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

When I did the calculation of how many days I’ve been working full time I was a bit surprised.

Since I graduated from New York University I’ve worked roughly 5720 days(!). Now that’s

The end of the summer is close and a new season is about to be upon us.

In spite of what’s been a difficult year with the pandemic still clouding everything and affecting us personally and professionally, I wanted to provide some positive advice.

Here are some things I’ve learned that it’s never too late

Are you taking the time this weekend to enjoy what’s really important in life? Make sure you do as life passes us all by so quickly.

I also spent some time thinking about and then writing down what I want to accomplish in the last part of 2021.

Setting intentions is a great way to

In life sometimes we just need to ask for what we want.

Sometimes we just need to have the courage to put ourselves forward for that speaking engagement or that article writing opportunity.

Not everything in life comes to us easily. And we should raise our hands for different things that we want in our

I was inspired by a recent LinkedIn post by my friend Joshua Baron, a criminal lawyer in Salt Lake City, who often writes about how to enhance your business relationships, and particularly how to turn business relationships into referrals or new business.

Josh wrote about the power of thank you notes – and how

Using LinkedIn to build your brand and business has never been easier – really.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined me today for my pop-up webinar on how to build your business and brand using LinkedIn.

I went through a lot of material quickly, and I hope you left the webinar with actionable

Do you have work-related trauma?

I do.

I’ve been pushed out of a job, I’ve been marginalized. I’ve been spoken to inappropriately. I’ve experienced unclear job expectations, impossible workloads, abusive treatment by peers or superiors, emotionally draining interactions with difficult people and job insecurity.

If you’ve experienced emotionally abusive practices at work, I hope you