Red flags in the recruiting process aren’t always easy to spot. It’s the same with dating.

People are on their best behavior in the courtship phase, and then a few months later after you both get comfortable, the cracks begin to show, and things don’t seem as wonderful anymore.

In this highly competitive market for

A strong alumni relations program at your law firm is a mutually benefical relationship that helps both law firms and your former employees.

As I shared on the recent How to Create a Successful Alumni Relations webinar, alumni relations can help law firms of all sizes with:

  1. Recruiting initiatives – Alumni are an excellent

A law firm recently asked me if they could remove associate bios from their web site because they are worried about them being poached in this highly competitive and booming legal jobs market.

In response I said, “focus on creating an environment where your associates won’t want to leave instead.”

And that goes for all