So many lawyers are perfectionists, which psychologists define as striving for flawlessness and setting overly high-performance standards. This can really derail them when it comes to content creation because they will tinker with writing/editing a client alert so much that they miss the boat on distributing it at the right time to their clients and

An important part of your social media strategy should be to always post a visual with a piece of content. Why? Because it brings social posts to life and helps content better engage with your target audiences.

Including images in your posts (remember to also include your logo!) makes your content (and your firm) more

I am often asked by friends, industry colleagues and lawyers about how they can become stronger social media marketers both for themselves, their lawyers and their firms. I always say that that it’s not hard to do if you are committed and resourceful – it just involves being more clever and creative about the content and visual assets that you do have. It also involves a significant time commitment to stay top of mind in order to effectively engage with clients, prospects and other key influencers to strengthen your brand and to generate real business. If you’re willing to do those two things, mastering the techniques is easy. Now let’s get to work! 
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There are a lot of law firm blogs competing for market share, they are a huge commitment and not all blogs wind up being successful. So are they worth it? The short answer, yes, IF you can find a niche and a strong team committed to its success.

Blogs are great branding and lead generation tools – they can often lead to speaking engagements as well as new clients (the holy grail of content efforts). As Susan Kostal writes in her latest article for Attorney at Work, “blogging is also a significant equalizer for those in small and midsize firms. With consistency, many authors from less well-known firms compete more than ably against those in national brand-name firms.” 
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Here are some tips on how to develop a strong  personal social media content strategy to raise your profile from my personal branding workshop at #LMATech in Chicago with my good friend Rich Bracken.

  1. Spend the time to build a strong LinkedIn profile that highlights who you really are and your unique strengths