Clients come to law firms because they need help finding and implementing solutions – each employee is in essence a legal solution provider and a problem solver. And in a crowded and the unpredictable business climate of today, it is more important than ever to embrace and anticipate changes to meet the shifting needs of clients. Most importantly, we always need to put our clients first and ensure that every employee embraces a client-centric mindset.

Being a great lawyer doesn’t guarantee you a solid book of business anymore. Neither does having a law degree from one of the top schools in the country. None of these fancy credentials matter if you don’t have the right people skills (or emotional intelligence) to connect with clients on a personal level, especially now. 

Because clients regularly hire outside counsel who they’ve known for many years – from law school, a prior firm, a friend of a friend or a past matter – cultivating relationships should be at the heart of everything you do – especially now. It’s important to treat everyone with whom you come into contact as if they could be a future client or referral source, which is a helpful guiding principle in how to interact with your professional network.

Here’s how to develop a more client-centric mindset and build stronger relationships despite the barriers we are facing today during this worldwide pandemic.
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It can be hard to come up with new content ideas on a consistent basis, especially when you are a solo practitioner, small- or mid-size firm, but it’s crucial. The key to social media success is to consistently post helpful content so that you are top of mind to your network for when they need

Join me for a virtual program this Friday 5/15 at 1pm on how to take your social media graphics (and bring video, podcasts and thought leadership) to the next level using Canva and other visual tools. The best part is that none of these tools cost a lot or require graphic design skills.

I will

Video is a powerful way to communicate on social media, especially now. I’ve been experimenting with video and noticed my engagement on this type of content is much higher than when I convey the same information in other ways.

Here are four tips for producing great videos from the comforts of your home from PR

Because so many of us are working from home for the time being and on daily video conferences, it’s important to treat every meeting as you would if you were participating in person. That means looking and feeling your best on camera.

Here are six things you can do to look great on your next Zoom meeting from Inc. magazine.
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Here’s a short video on how to build a stronger LinkedIn profile. I’m enjoying exploring using  video during this quarantine.

Note – there are three essential building blocks of LinkedIn:

1) your actual profile
2) your connections
3) your interaction on LinkedIn

Learn what common mistakes business professionals make on the platform and how you

Just a quick reminder for everyone but especially employers to use the utmost care and empathy when having to make hard decisions about layoffs, furloughs and salary cuts.

I shot a quick video on this topic today.

I’m hearing stories of people being laid off by group Zoom meeting, by phone and by email,

Here is my social media tip of the day. Use hashtags on LinkedIn to help your content become more discoverable. But use the right hashtags, which aren’t always the ones suggested by LinkedIn. There are tools you can use to help you find relevant hashtags to boost the impact of your content.

Watch my