You have so much content at your fingertips that you probably don’t even realize. In fact you probably don’t even need to create new content for a long time.

Updating old content also helps with search engine optimization. And the more successful one of your pieces of content is, the more shares and backlinks you get, which boosts your organic SEO.

Too often we make the mistake of publishing content, promoting it and moving on from it forever.

You don’t actually need to constantly create new content to be successful at social media marketing.

Repurposing content is smart and efficient. You can repost content that has already proven itself to be successful: your most popular content. To find it, go through your analytics on email marketing, web site, blog posts and social media.

A smart thing to do is to repurpose your content into micro videos and become more comfortable using video on LinkedIn.

Most people aren’t using video on LinkedIn so that means you should.

But many people are uncomfortable being on camera and I totally get it. I used to be too.

In fact I almost flunked a public speaking class during grad school when I dropped all of my cue cards on the floor while I was being recorded in front of my classmates and professor (I disappeared from view while trying to pick them up and the video kept recording) but that’s a story for another day…

What that taught me was to never rely on cue cards, notes, PowerPoints or Teleprompters and instead speak from the heart and connect with my audience. I’m not a natural at video – I practiced and it’s okay to not be perfect!

Also when I mess up my videos I simply start over and record again.

I also choose topics that I know inside and out and that I am passionate about. These are topics that I am able to talk about without a lot of preparation. I also choose topics that I can discuss with complete confidence.

Law firms and professional service organizations have an unique opportunity to stand out from their competitors and bring to life their sometimes dry content using video.

For example, a client alert or blog post could be distilled down into key high-level points by the author(s) in a short 2 to 3 minute video. You could break down why the reader needs to care about the issue in the alert and what it means for their business. The same goes for a one-hour webinar you did.

Videos are a compelling way to convey information and your personality and unique take on things in a way that the written word just can’t.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to do this by the way. I use my iPhone, a five dollar remote control from Amazon and a photo caption app.

Webinar recordings are powerful assets you can use for lead generation and nurturing purposes, but you can also get more content from them by breaking them up into shorter video excerpts.

Cutting down your long-form videos can open them up to a wider audience without denting the appeal of their original content.

Another benefit is that shorter videos are easily shareable on social media and on Stories on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, all of which need to be below a certain length.

There are a lot of apps and programs that can help you easily edit your videos whether you are on a Mac or PC.

Just remember to always add captions to your videos because most people watch videos without the sound on. The tools I use to add captions to my videos from my mobile device are Mixcaptions and Capcut, both of which are inexpensive.

Bonus Tip

Set up your YouTube channel now if you haven’t yet already. You may want it down the line, and YouTube is a great place to store large videos in case you can’t house them on your website.

Final Thoughts

Remember, effective content marketing is all about making your content work smarter and harder for you. Take every opportunity to leverage what you already have, and reuse and repurpose it.

Videos help you engage with others and since most people aren’t using them it’s a great medium to stand out and bring your content to life.

I encourage you to try it out, and if it’s not for you that’s OK too. It’s not for everyone but what do you have to lose?

Check out this video (of course!) for more on how and why to do this.