Today is International Podcast Day and it’s a good time to mention that I will be launching a podcast this fall!

The podcast will include social media, contact, marketing, personal branding, women’s empowerment, career development content and more.

You’ll see a lot of special guests on the podcast. My goal is to provide helpful takeaways

Chris Ekimoff (a forensic accountant) and Kurt Wolfe (a securities regulatory attorney) are great examples of business professionals who really understand the value of marketing.

They have been co-hosting PLI’s successful inSecurities podcast, an in-depth biweekly podcast showcasing practitioner perspectives on changes within the securities field. Chris and Kurt discuss how changes to the rules and regulations will affect businesses or clients while providing background from two separate but overlapping perspectives. I asked them to share their tips for creating a successful podcast and why they think podcasts are an effective way to communicate with target audiences.

Follow the PLI inSecurities podcast and connect with Chris and Kurt on LinkedIn.
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