When browsing a law firm’s website, a prospective client’s main point of interest is often the attorney’s bio. In fact, law firm bio pages are among the most viewed pages of a law firm web site. It serves as a virtual handshake and provides a glimpse into both your professional journey and who you are as a person and practitioner.

An effective bio not only informs but also builds trust. Whether you’re an associate or have decades of experience, your bio should reflect your strengths, uniqueness, passion for what you do and dedication to your profession.

Your professional biography is one of the most important pieces of copy you’ll ever write about yourself. It’s your opportunity to showcase your work, capabilities, and areas of expertise, and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Your bio can serve as an important business development tool if it is well-crafted…

Many in-house counsel cite lawyer bios as one of the most important sources of information regarding researching outside lawyers (yes, everyone is Googling you and your bio is usually the number one search result of your name). In addition, lawyer bios are among the most trafficked pages on law firm web sites.

Your bio can serve as an important business development tool if it is well-crafted. Yet within the legal industry, so many bios are still lackluster, outdated, not client-focused or just poorly written.  

Given the power of bios, it has always baffled me that many lawyers do not update theirs at least several times a year or write them with a client focus. The new year is a great reason to take a fresh look at your bio and make enhancements to it. Now let’s get to work!