Many of us work in fields where our website content can be well, boring or dry. But your content doesn’t have to put people to sleep, like the site my puppies viewed that put them to sleep 😴🐶

Remember that clients and prospective clients have needs and they go to your website to find out more about whether you can meet those needs.

Recruits go to your site to see if they actually would like to work at your organization.

Your website is a vetting tool that can either make or break your ability to close a deal for sale.

There is no excuse to not have a strong website today because websites don’t cost a lot to make and manage. Your focus should be on the content on the site.

So, use your website as a way to engage them even if your subject matter is not the most exciting. Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

Understand your audience’s needs and ensure your site addresses them on every page through language, navigation, imagery etc.

Give real solutions through case studies – This is a great way to highlight what you do without bragging about it.

Regularly update content – this also helps your SEO

Provide how-to guides, industry reports and infographics that are gated – so I order to access the content, the viewer has to give you something – such as their email

Use video and podcasts to explain complicated concepts and showcase your leaders.

Use arresting imagery and typography to draw visual interest – Just be careful to not use the same images that other organizations in your industry are using or you can look just like them.

Write everything with your audience in mind and in their language.

Most readers skim content so if it is written in dense paragraphs and without subheadings you will lose their interest.

Remember most people are looking at content on their mobile device so your content needs to be mobile friendly as well as easily skimmable.

Make sure your bios are not formal. You will seem out of touch if you refer to your people by their surnames. You want to be relatable and approachable particularly in this new Covid era.

Make sure your website can accommodate related/suggested articles. This makes it easier for people to stay on your website by giving them something else to read.

Add social media share buttons to every page of your site and “click to tweet” capabilities on articles, events and blog pages. This just makes it easier for people to share your content.

And finally make sure you have an email sign up form on every single page of your web site.

Don’t lose the opportunity to extend the relationship with potential clients and others interested in your organization and its services.

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