If you’re not using visuals in your social media posts, you need to. Like right now.

Remember, visuals make your readers stop and pay attention. Your entire goal when creating content is to get people to “stop the scroll” on social. Visuals help you do that.

Without social media visuals, your content can fall flat

Michelle Martinez Reyes is the Chief Relations Officer at Florida-based firm Kelley Kronenberg.

She previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Greenspoon Marder. She was under 40 when she first ascended to the C-Level amongst the AmLaw 200 and NLJ 300 ranks. She also worked as part of the marketing and business development teams

Join me for a free virtual uprogram on November 12 at 12:30pm ET on how to take your social media graphics (and bring video, podcasts and thought leadership) to the next level using Canva and other visual tools.

The best part is that none of these tools cost a lot or require graphic design skills.

Building a successful YouTube channel is not easy!

I regularly post what I think is helpful content on my YouTube channel and have been trying to build an audience for some time now.

It’s been slow going to do it organically – I have to drive people to the content.

So then I posted a

There are so many ways to maximize your content so it has a stronger impact.

There’s also much content out there but not all of it is good. And you want yours to be good. Because it represents your brand, your business and it can lead to many new opportunities. Here are some tips on

There are endless benefits for you (the law firm) and your alumni to stay in touch with each other.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is, if you have employees who have left the firm with whom you want to keep in touch, then you need an

If you want LinkedIn to help you build your brand and business, you need to put in the work to build meaningful relationships, post content that is of value to your connections and help others without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

The foundation of LinkedIn is networking.

You can write the greatest posts

It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to law firm marketing initiatives after working in this industry for 20+ years, so when I see something that is truly innovative, unique and authentic, I have to write a blog post about it and find out more about how it came to be.