People ask me all the time what to post on LinkedIn and how to do it consistently. It’s really not that hard because there is so much great content everywhere.

From your colleagues, to your company, to your clients and industry news, you have a groundswell of content from which to choose.

It’s just up to you to figure out what makes the most sense to align with your brand and business.

If you aren’t sure what to share on LinkedIn and you want to get more active, simply share a post by your company, a colleague, a client or a content creator you admire. Just be sure to add a few lines of intro text on why you’re sharing it. It’s that easy.

Here are 10 tips for what to post on LinkedIn when you don’t know what to post:

  1. Share industry news or a recent article you found interesting: You can share a news article or industry news that you found interesting and add a brief comment on why you found it compelling.
  2. Post a relevant quote: Share a quote that is relevant to your industry or your audience, and explain why it’s relevant to you.
  3. Give a shoutout to a colleague or connection: Use LinkedIn to highlight the accomplishments of a colleague or connection that you admire, and share why you think they are deserving of recognition.
  4. Share your thoughts on a current trend or issue: Write a post about a current trend or issue in your industry or a broader topic and share your thoughts on it.
  5. Share a personal story or experience: Share a personal story or experience related to your work or industry that you think would be relevant or interesting to your audience.
  6. Post about an upcoming event or conference: Share information about an upcoming industry event or conference you will be attending or speaking at, and encourage others to attend as well.
  7. Offer helpful tips or advice: Share some tips or advice related to your industry or work that your audience may find helpful.
  8. Ask a question: Post a question related to your industry or work and encourage your audience to share their thoughts or experiences.
  9. Share a video or infographic: Share a video or infographic related to your industry or work that you think would be informative or engaging for your audience.
  10. Celebrate a milestone or achievement: Share a milestone or achievement related to your work or industry, such as hitting a sales target, completing a project, or receiving an award.

Please don’t hit that instant repost button. You’re missing the opportunity to provide your own valuable perspective. You don’t have to write a book, simply one paragraph with key points about what you are sharing and why, and offer some of your own views on the topic. Extra points if you use hashtags!

Don’t be afraid of white space in your content – an article, an email campaign or a LinkedIn post. Long paragraphs are hard for people to follow especially when they are scrolling on their phones. Short paragraphs are much more readable and digestible.

And if this all seems scary, why not just simply comment on other people’s posts. Particularly people with strong networks. That’s because the more visibility they get, the more visibility you get. Make sure to hit the bell on these profiles so you are alerted when they post a new update.

Your homework? Make a list of three posts that you could share. Get comfortable with the process. Show it to someone who is experienced on LinkedIn before you hit post if you feel nervous.

This is how I started to get comfortable posting on LinkedIn and having a voice.

One of the other most important things to remember is that you need to believe in yourself and what you are posting it is imperative that you have confidence in your posts, especially in the beginning, when you may not have a large audience. And always remember that it’s not about the number of people who like a post or the number of your followers you have, but rather the quality of those.

You will not appeal to the masses, but you don’t want to. Pick your niche, and you can do that through identifying your content pillars, which are the 3 to 6 areas in your wheelhouse that support your brand and business. Don’t deviate from those topics if you want to be known as an expert in them.

Will you try this tip? Let me know in the comments!

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