In this program on December 21, I will take you through all of the elements of a successful LinkedIn profile and how to optimize your profile for personal branding and lead generation.

I’ll cover to how to create a strong LinkedIn headline, cover image and summary/about section. I’ll also discuss:

  • How to use the featured

Red flags in the recruiting process aren’t always easy to spot. It’s the same with dating.

People are on their best behavior in the courtship phase, and then a few months later after you both get comfortable, the cracks begin to show, and things don’t seem as wonderful anymore.

In this highly competitive market for

Being a successful content creator isn’t just about creating posts that promote you and your business. In fact that’s just a small part of what you should be doing.

It’s also about:

  • empowering other creators
  • sharing your peers’ content
  • building relationships though private conversations
  • engaging with them
  • supporting their endeavors

If you really want to

The National Law Review recently featured me on its podcast on all the reasons why lawyers need to use social media, content marketing and networking. Some highlights:

The firms that are still putting out content without thinking that user habits have changed are at a disadvantage.

So are the firms that aren’t using LinkedIn in

It’s fall y’all! And in addition to consuming copious amounts of pumpkin lattes and pumpkin cookies, one of the things you should consider is doing content and social media campaigns around the idea of giving and being thankful and grateful for your clients, your employees, your work and your health in such a challenging 18

A strong alumni relations program at your law firm is a mutually benefical relationship that helps both law firms and your former employees.

As I shared on the recent How to Create a Successful Alumni Relations webinar, alumni relations can help law firms of all sizes with:

  1. Recruiting initiatives – Alumni are an excellent

Law firms and law schools should create a mandatory course on marketing and developing business and client relationships so that associates have the necessary skills they need to thrive at an early point in their careers.

For too long many law firm associates have been in the shadow of partners and doing a lot of

If you’re struggling with getting press coverage for yourself or your organization, here are some tips to help you.

My biggest tip – Don’t waste reporters’ time by sending them boastful press releases about how great you are.

Every interaction you have the reporter is crucial to your potential to get media coverage, so you

In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve put together a few common social media nightmares that I see here on LinkedIn.

They undermine the success of your personal branding and business development efforts on this platform.

Don’t scare your network with these frightening mistakes.

👻 Boastful, self-serving posts (when you say you’re “honored and humbled” you