Creating compelling award submissions for law firms is both an art and a science. These submissions not only highlight the firm’s achievements but also effectively communicate their distinctiveness and value in the legal world. Here are key tips and strategies, including how to manage this process with limited time and resources.

The legal industry is inundated with opportunities for lawyers and law firms to enhance their visibility and prestige. One such opportunity is the inclusion in directories like Super Lawyers, which offers paid profiles and bios. While some believe that paying for these enhanced listings is essential for credibility and client attraction, this blog post explores why that may not necessarily be the case.

Law firm professionals often grapple with decisions around leveraging industry accolades. A prime example is whether a law firm should purchase the badge associated with rankings from entities like Chambers, Super Lawyers or Best Law Firms.

These badges can be used as a marketing tool, a recruiting tool, a stamp of approval and a potential client magnet. But is it worth the investment? Let’s delve into the pros and cons and explore how law firms can maximize the value of these accolades.

Unfortunately rankings like Best Lawyers are not just based on merit or qualifications. Gaining recognition in legal directories like Best Lawyers requires more than just legal expertise; it’s about employing strategic planning and focused efforts in various areas. In this article, I will explore the key strategies and steps that law firms and lawyers can implement to enhance their chances of getting ranked in Best Lawyers.

If you want to increase likes and engagement on your social media posts, make them more about your audience and less about you, especially when promoting successes such as award wins and matter victories.

In other words: be sure to provide value and educate others and to show versus tell in your posts, no matter the subject (but especially in self-congratulatory content).

And most importantly, don’t brag.

If you do want to post content about your achievements and successes, change the way you frame it by putting your client/audience at the center. It just takes a little time and effort to craft these posts in a more client-centric way.