Have you ever wondered why some lawyers are consistently named to Best Lawyers while you haven’t been, even though you know you’re a leader in your field?

Unfortunately rankings like Best Lawyers are not just based on merit or qualifications. Gaining recognition in legal directories like Best Lawyers requires more than just legal expertise; it’s about employing strategic planning and focused efforts in various areas. In this article, I will explore the key strategies and steps that law firms and lawyers can implement to enhance their chances of getting ranked in Best Lawyers.

Understanding Best Lawyers Criteria

Best Lawyers is a respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. Its selection process is rigorous and based primarily on peer review, focusing on three main criteria:

  1. Professional Expertise: Legal acumen demonstrated through case successes and overall experience.
  2. Peer Recognition: Endorsements from fellow legal professionals in the same practice area and geographic location.
  3. Ethical Standing: Maintaining high professional standards in legal practice.

Strategies for Law Firms to Get Ranked In Best Lawyers

1. Showcase Legal Excellence

  • Highlight significant case wins, landmark decisions and legal contributions in the firm’s marketing materials and on its website (lawyer bios and practice areas) as well as your LinkedIn Company Page and individual lawyer profiles.
  • Publish thought leadership pieces in reputable legal journals, trade publications, industry publications and participate in legal discussions and forums.

2. Foster a Culture of Excellence

  • Promote professional development and continuous learning within the firm. Raise your hand for leadership roles at the firm.
  • Get to know your colleagues throughout the firm to build strong relationships.
  • Recognize and cultivate internal talent, encouraging lawyers to pursue excellence in their practice areas.

3. Engage in the Legal Community

  • Participate actively in bar associations, legal seminars and workshops.
  • Encourage lawyers to engage in speaking engagements and legal panels to enhance the firm’s visibility and reputation.
  • Provide networking training so lawyers feel comfortable in these settings and can maximize these opportunities.

Strategies for Individual Lawyers to Get Ranked In Best Lawyers

1. Develop Your Personal Brand

  • Specialize in niche areas of law to become a subject matter expert.
  • Regularly publish articles and engage in speaking opportunities at industry events.

2. Network and Garner Peer Endorsements

  • Actively build a network with fellow lawyers and engage in legal associations.
  • Strategically network at conferences and industry events and get to know lawyers at other firms.
  • Stay in touch with former colleagues – since this is a peer-ranking, this is so importan

3. Maintain High Ethical Standards

  • Adhere strictly to legal and ethical guidelines in all practices.
  • Focus on providing exceptional service to clients, building a portfolio of successful cases and satisfied clients.

The Nomination and Selection Process

To be considered for Best Lawyers, lawyers are typically nominated by their peers. The nomination is followed by an exhaustive peer-review survey. Best Lawyers then reviews the feedback, checks eligibility, and finally, the selected candidates are announced.

Key Takeaways to Get Ranked in Best Lawyers

  1. Consistently Demonstrate Legal Expertise: Regularly showcase your successes and contributions to the legal field.
  2. Build and Maintain a Strong Professional Network: Your peers are your endorsers; cultivate these relationships.
  3. Focus on Niche Specialization: Being an expert in a specific area can distinguish you from your peers.
  4. Engage in Thought Leadership: Publish in legal journals, speak at events, and contribute to legal discussions.
  5. Maintain High Ethical Standards: Adherence to professional conduct is non-negotiable.
  6. Active Community Engagement: Participate in legal forums, associations, and seminars.
  7. Encourage Peer Reviews: Foster a culture where peers support and endorse each other’s expertise.

Your Next Steps to Get Ranked in Super Lawyers

To develop a strategy for lawyers aiming to be ranked in “Super Lawyers,” you can follow the insights from the referenced article:

  1. Understanding the Criteria: Know what “Super Lawyers” emphasizes in their selection process, such as peer recognition, professional achievement, and ethical standards.
  2. Showcase Legal Excellence: Highlight significant case wins and legal contributions in marketing materials, lawyer bios, and on platforms like LinkedIn.
  3. Foster a Culture of Excellence: Encourage continuous learning and professional development within your firm.
  4. Engage in the Legal Community: Actively participate in bar associations and legal seminars.
  5. Develop Personal Branding for Lawyers: Focus on specializing in niche areas and regularly publish articles.
  6. Network and Garner Peer Endorsements: Build networks within legal circles and engage in legal associations.
  7. Maintain High Ethical Standards: Adhere strictly to legal and ethical guidelines in practice.
  8. Nomination and Selection Process: Understand that lawyers are typically nominated by peers, followed by a peer-review survey.


Achieving a ranking in Best Lawyers is a testament to a lawyer’s professional excellence and peer recognition. By strategically enhancing your legal practice, engaging in the community and building a strong network, both law firms and individual lawyers can significantly improve their chances of being recognized in this directory. Remember, it takes time to get ranked. By using these strategies and maintaining a high standard of legal practice, law firms and lawyers can position themselves as leading contenders for inclusion in Best Lawyers.