Even if you aren’t feeling so great about yourself right now (for whatever reason), adopting a positive mindset and thinking positively will help shift things in your favor. Negativity breeds negativity. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Always believe in yourself. Things will get better. Seriously. Practice meditation. Assume good intent unless proven otherwise. Don’t let

“Be yourself” was one of the most important pieces of advice that I gave to students when I spoke at Fordham University School of Law about how to build a strong professional brand. 

I told the students that I’ll never be someone who wears conservative black suits to work every day (or panty hose) and

It’s so important today to have a strong LinkedIn company page and consistent presence on the platform. Why? Because your clients and prospects are using the platform to conduct due diligence on you and your firm. Your LinkedIn profile is the first or second result that appears when someone searches your name on search engines.

I can’t believe it’s been four years today since my mom passed away from an almost 20-year battle with Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer of the plasma cells.

That’s 1460 days without talking to her.

One of the worst parts of losing someone you love is the harsh reality that you can’t just call them up to tell them something funny, or to kvetch or when you need their advice. Grief is a long, complicated process with no shortcuts.

My mom was feisty, kind and smart. She pushed and supported me in my educational and career goals. She was there for me during breakups and tough times. I really needed her over the past few months dealing with major changes in my life that I didn’t choose. 
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Contrary to many reports and articles, the earlier you get up in the morning doesn’t necessarily equate to being more productive or successful.

When you start working doesn’t matter. When you stop working doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you accomplish during the hours you work – and that means making an intentional decision about

Here’s an easy and essential LinkedIn tip that everyone should do ASAP – create a custom LinkedIn profile URL.

Why? Having one will enable you to use your LinkedIn profile as a branding and lead generation tool.

Your default LinkedIn URL is long and full of numbers and other characters, which is not very user