If you do it, make sure you say it.

I’m working with a few professional services organizations that have not updated their practice areas or industries in number of years.

This can result in clients and prospects believing that you do not have the ability to do certain types of work or the depth and

Happy one-year anniversary to the Social Media Butterfly blog! 

One day in late 2018 the amazing Kevin O’Keefe contacted me to ask me if I wanted a blog hosted by LexBlog, Inc. He said he enjoyed reading my articles and LinkedIn posts and thought that others might also be interested in my thoughts. He truly

June 28, 2019 was a beautiful sunny day in NYC.

It started just like any other Friday for me, I got up, walked my dog, said goodbye to my live-in boyfriend, headed to an early workout class and then to the office. Life was good. He and I texted throughout the day like we normally did, but his texts stopped around 4pm. I didn’t think anything of it because he was often very busy at work. So I went home, walked the dog and waited for him to come home so we could figure out our Friday night plans. We were about to leave for the summer house we rented, and I was busy packing pool floats and sunscreen.

I never got to go on that trip. The pool floats and sunscreen were returned. The course of my life changed that day.

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Earlier this week I conducted a training (at lunch – lawyers tend to come when you feed them) for one of my law firm clients on how to effectively use LinkedIn to bring in new business and strengthen the brands of the firm and its lawyers. I tailor each presentation to the particular firm and

Writing has always been a helpful outlet for me to process something, devise solutions to deal with it and then move on from it. I try to use my experiences to help others.

Recently publishing an article about mean girls was timely as I had yet another experience with one – this time in a social setting (I know many of you know this, but mean girls lurk not only in the workplace but in your personal life too, and when I say “mean girls” I am referring to mean women, who can continue to be catty, cruel and jealous way beyond their adolescent and teenage years). 
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A great way to cultivate relationships is by becoming active in bar associations and key groups in your practice area or industry. 

Join a committee or take on a volunteer role. This type of work can help you become more visible in the field and lead to introductions and connections who can become clients or

I love this Inc article and the idea that gratitude is what makes your body and mind stronger.

According to the article and the various studies it cites, gratitude has many benefits such as:

  1. Gratitude makes you more likely to exercise
  2. Gratitude reduces your stress levels
  3. Gratitude improves the quality of your sleep
  4. Gratitude increases

My friend Dimitri Mastrocola posted this advice on LinkedIn and it really resonated with me.


He says it’s a simple algorithm for a well-led life.

➡️ CTRL: Control Yourself. Always be in control of your emotions. 

➡️ ALT: Alter Your Thinking. Don’t be afraid to think outside the

A good professional headshot is a must on your LinkedIn profile today.

Your profile picture is the first impression that people have of you, it shows up in searches and in Google, and it enables you to connect with others and visually convey your personal brand.

Supporting the idea that a LinkedIn photo is a

Hey lawyer friends – join me on March 22 for a New York City Bar Association evening program on “How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Client Retention” from 6pm to 8:30pm (which includes a reception to network with other solo practitioners and small law firm peers). You don’t have to be a member