It’s a challenging time for everyone in terms of generating new business.

Some clients are reluctant to engage with outside counsel and certain matters have been put on hold with the world being in such flux.

If you are a senior associate or junior partner who has lost momentum on building your book of business

It can be hard to come up with new content ideas on a consistent basis, especially when you are a solo practitioner, small- or mid-size firm, but it’s crucial. The key to social media success is to consistently post helpful content so that you are top of mind to your network for when they need

Some good news – LinkedIn Stories is coming!

LinkedIn is following in the footsteps of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook by bringing a professional twist to the 24-hour stories format. 

But what does this mean for brands and individuals on LinkedIn? The format will encourage more conversations and engagement on the platform while giving users a

As COVID-19 makes video conferencing the new normal, here are some tips to enhance your appearance and look more professional and less tired.

Did you know that it’s very easy to change and customize your Zoom background so that no one can see your actual home workspace? A custom background also adds a level of

You can make your content work harder and smarter for you by repurposing and updating your content into:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Case studies
  • Multiple social media posts
  • Company history/milestones
  • Collages
  • Lists
  • Webinars
  • CLE programs
  • Email blasts
  • Daily digests
  • Newsletters

You can also:

  • Post the same content to multiple  LinkedIn groups
  • Update past articles and repost

I wrote a new article for and the Mid-Market Report on “How To Maintain and Build Your Business During COVID-19.”

As I note, the most important question you should ask yourself right now is “how can we support our clients and our profession during this time?” Let that guide everything you do as a

When you engage on LinkedIn with your professional contacts, you must do two things on a consistent basis– make individuals in your professional network feel good and offer them valuable content that showcases your expertise. These light touches will help to keep you top of mind and can often lead to new business, and will bolster your brand.

In addition, LinkedIn provides great excuses to reach out to your contacts through its notifications section, which you can easily customize. It gives you powerful information on your contacts’ job moves, work anniversaries, speaking engagements, awards, published articles and more.

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What if I told you that there was a cool visual way to view and then request new connections to your LinkedIn network and it was so easy that all you had to do was to hold up your smartphone and scan a QR code?

Well, it exists – pretty exciting, right? (it’s a relatively new feature that was introduced in June 2018) and many people don’t know about it, because LinkedIn doesn’t always do a great job of letting its users know when it makes enhancements to its platform. Take full advantage of this nifty tool and impress the lawyers with whom you work and your colleagues.
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‪Thanks for joining me and Kristyn Brophy today for the LMA Northeast Region virtual program on effectively using LinkedIn during the pandemic.

Thanks to John Bologna and Brandie Knox for organizing it and Rob Kates for his technical assistance.

Although you couldn’t see us on screen, we wore shirts to support our hometowns that we