People think I create content all day long. But I don’t. I am just smart about how I use what I already have and what I agree to do. Here’s how you can do it too.

The next time you create a presentation for a trade association or industry organization, reuse and repurpose it to get more bang for your buck.

You’ve already done the heaving lifting of researching the topic and creating the slides and materials, so you might as well let it continue working for you.

Here are some ideas to maximize your presentations:

  1. Turn the presentation into a webinar for your clients and prospects. You can reach a wider audience and use the video and audio and social media later too (more on that in a minute). 
  2. Once you have the webinar version of the presentation, put it along with other past programs into an on-demand library on your website. This allows visitors to access and watch webinars at their convenience, expanding the webinar’s lifespan and providing a valuable resource for potential clients.
  3. Submit this topic to speak at key industry conferences. Research the top conferences in your industry and submit a proposal to speak on the topic. This is another great way to increase your visibility with potential clients.
  4. Present the program internally. Invite lawyers together to hear the presentation and earn CLE credit. This will likely also encourage other lawyers to follow suit. Create internal training materials from the presentation to benefit your employees, promoting knowledge sharing and professional development.
  5. Identify the most valuable insights and information from the program and repurpose them into blog posts. Each blog post can focus on a specific topic covered in the program, providing an easily digestible version of the content.
  6. Condense key points and statistics from the program into visually appealing infographics and graphics. This visual content can be shared on social media and in blog posts.
  7. Break down the presentation into a series of emails, each focusing on a specific topic covered in the materials. Provide additional insights, resources and call-to-actions to nurture leads and encourage further engagement.
  8. Create short video snippets from the webinar recording and share them on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and YouTube. These snippets can highlight key takeaways, quotable excerpts and questions raised during the webinar.
  9. Extract the audio from the webinar and repurpose it into a podcast episode. This appeals to individuals who prefer audio content and allows lawyers to reach a different audience through podcast directories and platforms.

What do you think of these ideas?

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Here’s a video with tips on how to creatively repurpose your presentations.

Stefanie Marrone advises law firms of all sizes, professional service firms, B2B companies, recruiters and individuals on the full range of marketing and business development consulting services designed to enhance revenue, retain current clients and achieve greater brand recognition. She also serves as outsourced chief marketing officer/marketing department for small and mid-size law firms.

Over her 20+-year legal marketing career, she has worked at and with a broad range of big law, mid-size and small firms, which has given her a valuable perspective of the legal industry. Connect on LinkedInTwitterYouTubeInstagramsign up for her email list and follow her latest writing on JD Supra.