Law firm alumni are among the most important referral, new business and recruiting sources as well as brand ambassadors. Law firms of all sizes have alumni – yet many firms aren’t yet investing in creating an alumni relations program. Here’s why and how you should.

My very first law firm job was running the alumni

As a founding partner of SeltzerFontaine, a legal search firm based in Los Angeles, and former practicing lawyer, Valerie Fontaine has assisted hundreds of attorneys with their career transitions and partnered with our employer-clients in achieving strategic growth. She places attorneys with law firms, corporate law departments, governmental entities and nonprofits, and consults on career

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This end of summer/going into fall is the PERFECT time to

Do you want to know the real keys to success on LinkedIn?

It’s about shifting to a client-centric mindset in all you do.

It’s about making your posts about your audience and helping them.

It’s not about posting ME-centric content that touts your successes.

Real success happens on LinkedIn when you start building relationships and

In 2007, I joined McKee Nelson, a young, entrepreneurial firm. In two short years there I learned more than I ever could have imagined. The market was booming and the firm was thriving. The marketing team was small so I had the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility.

Then the market crashed and

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The first Women Who Wow Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable was such a success that we decided to do another one!

Join us for part 2 on July 28 where we will continue the discussion with leading women business owners on their professional journeys, their successes, their challenges and the advice they have for other women who

Don’t take a break from marketing yourself or your organization during the summer – in fact ramp it up!

As we start to re-emerge from quarantining, the summer is a great time to focus on your business development and branding efforts especially since many of your competitors may not be – use that to your

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Several top law firms have increased entry-level lawyer salaries to $200K per year. The news of the increase in junior associate pay comes after