The legal hiring market is booming right now. All firms have hiring needs but there aren’t enough candidates. Some law firms are hemorrhaging people and not sure how to keep them.

This is a huge conundrum for law firms that desperately need lawyers to staff the abundant client work they have.

Some firms are turning down work because they don’t have enough people to do it, or they’re relying on the lawyers they do have who are already overworked, making them more susceptible to poaching.

I spoke with ALM’s Lizzy McLellan Ravitch about these legal talent challenges in this unprecedented market.

(Also it’s worth mentioning that I was asked to be part of this article because of a social media post of mine where I noted how one firm asked if they could remove their associates from their website in order to hide them from legal recruiters.

This again demonstrates the power of social media, and how good content can lead to media placements without paying a dime.)

I suggested instead that the firm create a working environment that associates won’t want to leave, even if they get another offer.

All of this reflects a bigger problem, as law firms desperately look to stave off the effects of the Great Resignation.

I keep saying to turn it around and focus on your people instead. Laura Leopard quoted Dennis Garcia in the article saying “recruit your people every day.”

And that’s the simple key to retain your employees!

Law firms (and all employers) have an opportunity to turn this into the Great Retention if they listen to what their people really want. Any firm that thinks they can go back to “normal” (meaning pre-Covid) will be at a major disadvantage in recruiting and retention.

Remember your talent pipeline is tantamount to your success as an organization.

And any law firm that doesn’t have a marketing plan when it comes to their recruiting efforts is already behind their competitors.

I’ve been working with several law firms on recruiting marketing strategy. This is just as important as client development.

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