Sending along some positive thoughts today for those who may need a pick me up or a reminder that it’s all going to be okay:

Every day is a learning experience, things are usually better than they seem, work hard and smart, be humble and grateful, always be yourself and be proud of it, don’t

Women can be brutal to each other in and out of work.

Sometimes I feel like I’m still in high school even though I’m in my early 40s. This is due to the way I’ve been treated by certain women in my professional and personal life. Bullies from junior high and high school often grow up to become bullies in the workplace (as well as outside of work), resulting in many of us finding ourselves in situations that are unfortunately similar to our dark days of adolescence. The worst part – these mean girls are much stronger and vindictive.

Every single one of us has mean girl tendencies from time to time. Sometimes it’s due to peer pressure. Sometimes it’s because something about them makes us feel bad about ourselves. I’m certainly not proud of it but I can own up to it. Why are we mean to other women when we should be supporting other women and having each other’s backs? When a woman feels threatened, insecure or just dislikes another woman, she can engage in damaging actions, such as backstabbing, gossiping, purposely excluding someone from a meeting or social functions, sabotaging, taking credit for someone’s work or helping to push someone out of a job or a social circle. Maybe you’ve experienced some of these behaviors by another woman in the workplace or even in your personal life. Please know that you aren’t alone.

I call this the dark side of female relationships.

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I read a terrific article in Forbes on six words business professionals should eliminate from their professional vocabulary to elevate your brand, especially when you’re interviewing. Women especially use some of these phrases without even realizing it. They include:

  • Honestly
  • Just
  • Things
  • Sorry
  • Hopefully
  • Filler phrases such as “um, ah, like, right”

These filler words

I truly believe that every professional should be using LinkedIn every day. Why? Because it enables you to quickly build and grow relationships, strengthen your brand and stay top of mind with key individuals in your professional network regardless of where they live right from your desktop or mobile device.

LinkedIn also gives you a

No matter how brilliant, hard working or passionate you are, you will fail at something or majorly screw something up at some point.

I wrote this article because a few friends of mine have recently lost their jobs, and I wanted to share some of the important lessons I learned as a result of a

Can I be honest? I’m not perfect. Sometimes I make mistakes. I mess things up. I get in my own way. And I’m guessing you do too.

Every single one of us has failed at something either professionally or personally, or most likely, both, and often. Of course, no one likes to fail, especially since

Kindness is something I have been writing about a lot lately, and we can do so much to give back to others who really need help in a time of need or crisis. For example: 

Maybe they need a hand with childcare, a shoulder to cry on or extra help at work. 

Also, people get

You only have four months to make a real difference in your business development and marketing efforts from now until the end of the year. Social media success is so much more than the number of likes, comments or shares you have.

It’s about engagement, lead generation, and retaining and delighting current clients with your

It’s important to remember that you should be kind to everyone, because every industry is incredibly tight knit.

Also, everyone is a potential referral source, or someone who could potentially hire you or recommend you for a job. You never know who knows who, and just like everyone checks you out online, people also ask