If you are lucky enough to be well at home during the pandemic, you should use this time to make enhancements to your personal marketing and business development efforts – especially when it comes to your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is the most important social media channel for professionals in any field. LinkedIn enables you to

A law firm’s most precious assets are its clients, which are the source of both today’s business and tomorrow’s referrals. It’s never been more important than right now to integrate the voice of their clients into all you do. Unfortunately, many law firms still haven’t adopted a client-centric mindset as they engage with their clients and prospects, which often leads to what I call lots of random acts of marketing. There’s nothing worse than bombarding your clients with lots of non-focused content.

The fundamental and critical elements of business development success include forming strong online and in-person relationships, and providing exceptional client service at all times.

Since in-person networking is on pause for now, online networking is the most important tool  we have.

It’s never been more important to be client-focused as it is right now as we face this global pandemic, which is affecting everyone around the globe.

Here are nine ways to adopt a more client-centric mindset at your firm.
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Stay tuned for an upcoming article on this topic but here are a few quick tips on how to market your firm during a global crisis without seeming tone-deaf or insensitive from my webinar with Jay Harrington.

The worst thing you can do right now is nothing when it comes to client care and

I met Renee Branson through friends in the legal marketing industry, and I was drawn to her warmth and positivity.  Since then, she’s been nothing but kind and supportive of me. We share each other’s posts on social media and promote each other, and I really appreciate that she is so giving to others in

Content marketing and sharing content via email and social media has never been a more important way to communicate with clients and prospects, and to build your brand and business.

You should of course be sensitive to current market conditions, and make your content relevant to what’s happening in the world right now (such as

Please join me for an Expert Webcast tomorrow, March 19, from 1pm to 2pm PDT on “Effective Thought Leadership and Communication Strategies in the Time of a Global Crisis.”

I’ll be joined by Anna Spektor, Founder and CMO of Expert Webcast and Alex Kasdan, Senior Advisor and host of Expert Webcast and Senior Managing Director,

I am working with a client on ensuring we have thought of everything when it comes to preparing for the majority of employees working from home during the coronavirus crisis.

Some firms have completely shifted to a remote working model, which means you likely do not have a receptionist manning the phones, especially small- and

During the coronavirus outbreak when we are all social distancing, I thought it would be a good idea to start a virtual book club where we could gather online and discuss various books and stay connected to each other while learning. The books will be business focused for the most part, and I’d love any

We have entered an unprecedented time with the recent coronavirus outbreak. There’s a lot of uncertainty and as a result, office closures, postponement or cancellations of meetings, events and just about everything else.

Law firms and other business organizations are trying to function in a volatile and rapidly changing environment. So how do you conduct business as usual during the COVID-19 crisis? And is it okay to market your firm and lawyers during this time?

My answer to this is yes, it is okay to market and that you should – but it should be done differently than before the virus.

If you are going to market your firm and your lawyers, showing support and empathy should be at the heart of everything you do. This is not the time to announce the relaunch of your web site, your latest rankings or a new brand.

Your guiding principle should be to show compassion and care to your employees, clients and the greater community and to educate, inform and help others through thought leadership and educational seminars. If these activities lead to enhanced branding and new business by demonstrating your position as an authority in a particular area, then that’s great – but firms that do heavy marketing during a global crisis can be seen as insensitive and out of touch.

It is important to remind your employees and clients that you care about them, you’re here to help them and that it is business as usual at your organization, even if most of your employees are working from home. Companies often struggle with getting this balance right.

In this article, I’ll discuss strategies for marketing your firm during the coronavirus – as well as any crisis – that may arise.

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