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Here are some ideas for how to creatively

Right before the pandemic, I was invited to speak at a conference (see the photo here) all because of a LinkedIn post. Someone in my network saw the post and

So I recently went viral on LinkedIn again.

But this time in part because I received several hateful messages and comments in response to a post on why I think it’s a good idea to get vaccinated against Covid.

Someone messaged me and said the vaccine destroyed my brain cells (lol). Someone said I was a left-wing liberal. Another person said I was brainwashed by Biden. Several men said I was dumb but they would still sleep with me (um, no thanks). I was lectured that I know nothing.

Some people who left supportive comments on my post are being harassed by fake people because there are trolls on LinkedIn.

All of the people who attacked me were men who felt comfortable including their names on their nasty messages to me.

I screenshotted every single negative message and comment.

Remember that others can do that to you too. There’s always a record.

If you don’t like someone’s post, keep scrolling.

This is a professional platform.

You don’t attack people.

You don’t call them names.

Take a deep breath and walk away. It’s not worth it. This is your professional reputation.

And when someone attacks you here, don’t cower.

Don’t engage with them. This just fuels their attacks. Ignoring them is best.

Limit comments to just your network.

Block the people who say negative things. I used to only have my ex blocked and a few other random stalkers but now I blocked many more.

Don’t accept connection requests from people you don’t know.

Check who is sharing your post and read their intro text.

I saw many of the people sharing it were saying nasty things about me, so I blocked them and the post disappeared.

I stand by what I said. I always try to do good with my platform, which is why I posted that being vaccinated is being a good corporate citizen. If you don’t agree with me, okay, but you don’t get to cyberbully me.

Don’t be intimidated by the haters. I’m not.

If you bully me, I will call you out.

The haters helped me go viral and brought more attention to the need to be vaccinated. So I thank them for that!

Below are the steps on how to disable or limit comments on your LinkedIn posts.

Don’t be afraid to use it – you don’t need to tolerate bad behavior and cyberbullying!