Do you know what I’ve learned from every bad boss and colleague I’ve had?

And every mean girl who has bullied me?

I’ve learned who I want to be.

I’ve learned to not make the same mistakes they did.

I’ve learned how to be a better person, better leader, a better colleague and better mentor.

I’ve learned how to be more confident and how insecurity and narcissism can be someone’s downfall.

I’ve learned that you need people who WANT to work with you – not just who report to you – so you better make sure you’re providing an environment that is positive and truly supportive.

If we shift around the bad things that people have done to us and use them as teaching moments – looking for that silver lining even when it’s difficult to find it – we can become much stronger in every aspect of our lives.

This also helps shift the unproductive narrative from being a victim to being in the driver’s seat of your life where you don’t let how others treat you or your failures define you.

I also don’t worry about burning bridges anymore.

If you have done something terrible to me, I’m not afraid to cut you off, and you shouldn’t be either.

The whole idea that you should keep your enemies close or that you should be nice to everyone is not great advice in my opinion.

It’s important to have boundaries. It’s important to realize that not everyone has your best intentions at heart. Cut those people out.

And it’s important to surround yourself with those who clap as loudly for you as you clap for them.

So take these bad experiences and flip them around.

Use them to make you a better person and to help fuel your success.

Feel badly for anyone who has mistreated you and move on with the conviction that you deserve – and will be better – thanks to that experience.

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