I recently became an aunt again, in fact two times in two weeks. My brother and sister-in-law had a baby boy, and my best friend had a baby girl. These were the bright spots in a really rough few months because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I love being an aunt, my first niece was born

In the latest installment of Women Who Wow, learn more about NYC-based lawyer Lesley Brovner.

Lesley is a partner at Peters Brovner LLP, a boutique firm that she co-founded with her former colleague Mark Peters that represents companies and individuals facing significant investigatory threats, including clients that need to determine the scope of their exposure and those who already require representation before government regulators.

Prior to co-founding Peters Brovner, Lesley  served as First Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) from 2014 to 2018. While in this role, Lesley directed complex criminal and civil investigations, oversaw the issuance of all agency reports and supervised DOI’s counsel’s office.

I admire Lesley for many reasons, including the fact she has achieved great success in a male-dominated field and her integrity and drive. Learn more about her and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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When it comes to content, being sensitive to current market conditions and disseminating content and programs that are designed to inform your clients and help them navigate this unprecedented time should be your only guiding principle.

Here are a few things not to do right now during the pandemic when it comes to content and

In this installment of Women Who Wow, meet Sheryl Odentz. Sheryl is the founder of Progress in Work, an award-winning, career management firm that provides attorneys and other professionals within the legal industry with tools and resources to “progress in work” and maximize career success through business development training and coaching, executive/leadership coaching and outplacement/career transition consulting. Learn more about her.

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Today is Mother’s Day, a difficult day for me and many other people who no longer have a mom. But I’m not going to do a post about how much I miss my mom and how I’m sad. Instead I’m going to celebrate her.

My mom was the strongest person I’ve ever met. I’ve never

My mentor has always reminded me that happiness is a choice available to each of us and is crucial for our well being. She also told me that it’s okay to not be okay all of the time.

After the recent ending of a relationship, she again said to me, “I know you’re sad now, but you can to choose to be happy.”

You can be stuck feeling bad during bad times or you can choose to make hardships and the worst times of your life teaching moments and turn them into something positive. You’d be surprised just how resilient each of us are if we just believe it.

Also, happiness comes easier to some people and others must choose to be happy at certain points in our lives in order to turn the tide around or just to carry on and not to fall into a dark hole of despair.

I’m about to share a personal story in the hopes that it helps others. Not everyone shares what’s going on with them personally with professional colleagues, but I want others to know that life is messy and no one is perfect – especially me, and so many of us are struggling with personal crises and it’s a miracle we are so high functioning. It’s about time we got real and stop making it seem like everything is fine when it’s not.
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