I’ve known Liz Sobe for years and served on a Legal Marketing Association board with her. While on that board she said something to me that has become one of my guiding principles in life – “assume good intent.” Such wise words from a wise woman!

Liz is a marketing communications professional with extensive experience in legal and private equity markets. To maximize her team’s delivery of top-quality client service, Liz uses a collaborative approach, personalizing relationship-development initiatives both internally and externally.

Known for her inclusive, results-oriented approach to the business of marketing communications, Liz is an industry leader. She has held many leadership roles in professional services organizations, including the Legal Marketing Association and International Legal Technology Association.

Learn more about Liz in this installment of Women Who Wow.

I am so excited to have my friend and industry colleague Chris Fritsch in the Women Who Wow series.

To me and many in the legal industry, Chris is THE authority for all things CRM and data quality related.

Chris works together with leading professional services firms across the country to help support their CRM and client intelligence efforts and maximize their return on investment.

She writes and speaks nationally on topics including client relationship management, business development, relationship intelligence, eMarketing and the use of technology to enhance profitability. Learn more about her in this profile.

In this Women Who Wow profile, get to know mid-size law firm Parker Ibrahim & Berg’s Partner and Director of Litigation Procedures (East Coast), Tracy DeWitt.

Tracy works closely with the heads of PIB Law’s litigation team in the day-to-day management of the firm’s East Coast litigation portfolio and the implementation of firm litigation policies and procedures. Tracy brings more than 25 years of litigation experience to her role. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

While women are almost half of the U.S. labor force, they comprise less than 5% of CEOs and less than 10% of top earners in the S&P 500; and for women of color are nearly invisible on both S&P 500 boards and Fortune 500 boards.

Catalyst reports that today, women still get offered fewer of the high visibility, mission-critical roles and experiences that are important to reaching the highest levels of leadership.

When it comes to law firms the numbers are also grim, but they don’t start out that way.

Half – if not more than half – of all law school classes are composed of women.

So men and women enter law firms in almost equal numbers, but then something happens, and the men keep rising and the women become flat or decline, and they wind up leaving their firms according to research by legal intelligence leader Leopard Solutions.

We know that there are a lot of reasons why this happens, including the fact that women are being asked to do more, they have family responsibilities, they’re looking for a complete change since the pandemic and they’re not necessarily always getting the support that they need from their firms in order to succeed.

So why are women leaving the practice of law today? And why aren’t women aren’t making partner like men are making partner in the legal industry today?