Helen Burness is truly a woman who wows, and I am so excited to feature her in this series. I met her – where else? – on LinkedIn! I am such a fan of her posts on every social media channel and so thankful that social brought us together from across the pond.

After many years at the forefront of change in legal, she set Saltmarsh Marketing to champion innovative founders and businesses in legal to give them a powerfully recognisable voice. Her work involves crafting strategies and plans, developing distinctive brands, creating memorable campaigns, building stand-out websites and harnessing the power of social media on the company, the founder and team level.

Helen is also CMO of She Breaks the Law, a global community of women change makers who are passionate about the power of innovation and collaboration.

You can follow Helen on social media on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok (Helenloves80s).

Learn more about Helen.

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Meet Caroline Hennessy, the next Woman Who Wows. Caroline is the CEO and owner of Ideator Marketing.

Caroline provides marketing consulting services to organizations across the country. Serving as outside marketing communications director, she develops customized marketing programs based on sound strategy, actionable plans and measurable ROI.

She has spent her career helping clients

Michelle De Blasi is an environmental and energy attorney based in Scottsdale, Arizona who has decades of experience and relationships assisting clients obtain successful results with their environmental, natural resource and energy projects. She has both government and “Big Law” experience to her private practice. Learn more about her in this Women Who Wows profile.

Pam Tobias has more than 15 years of legal marketing experience, with a focus on CRM and other marketing technologies. For the last 15 years, she has focused specifically on LexisNexis InterAction, working with business development, events, communications and other teams to align the database for business planning, key account management and other vital marketing, business development and firm initiatives. She also specializes in repositioning misunderstood (or failed) systems working closely with marketing, business development and IT.

As a Client Advisor at LexisNexis, she focuses on helping clients be successful with
their marketing and business development initiatives by integrating technology into growth strategies and everyday business processes.

Learn more about Pam in this Women Who Wow profile.

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I am excited to feature Sonya Olds Som in the Women Who Wow series.

Sonya is a partner in Heidrick & Struggles’ Chicago office focusing on executive search and consulting services. She focuses on general counsel/chief legal officer and other senior roles within corporate legal departments and law firms across industries and geographies, as well

Birmingham, Alabama-based Emily Woloschuk helps lawyers build their businesses and deliver outstanding client service.

She has held a diverse range of marketing and business development roles, including serving as the director of marketing at a litigation boutique where she led business development, client feedback, public relations and marketing technology strategy, as well as holding a

As the owner of AJA Marketing, Amy Adams helps businesses, professionals, associations and nonprofits achieve growth, develop business, increase profitability and improve upon their marketing infrastructure.

A former paralegal and marketing executive at a prominent regional law firm, Amy has worked with several nonprofit associations, businesses, law firms, and executives across the Northeast region. In 2014, Amy launched AJA Marketing to serve the marketing and business strategy needs of her clients through personalized, comprehensive services.

I met Amy through her work with the Association of Corporate Counsel’s New York City Chapter, where she serves as Executive Director. At the time, I was an in-house law firm marketer who worked closely with Amy on sponsorships and events that the law firms at which I worked wanted to pursue with the ACC. We got to know each other through the years and I’m excited for her to share her insights and career path in the Women Who Wow series.

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This article continues to be among my most-read articles on LinkedIn, so I wanted to republish it on the blog since I know it’s a popular topic. Together we can rise up against mean girls. I wrote this in April 2019 and little did I know that in two short months, the worst mean girl acts would be done to me personally that spilled over into my professional life. It propelled me to start the Women Who Wow initiative to support women.

Women can be really hard on each other in the workplace doing things such as backstabbing, gossiping, purposely excluding someone from a meeting, taking credit for someone’s work or helping to push someone out of a job. Maybe you’ve experienced some of these behaviors by another woman at work. I’m really sorry if that’s the case, but please know that you aren’t alone.

I call this the dark side of working with women.

Those close to me know that I have wanted to write an article on how to recognize a mean girl at work and develop strategies to effectively manage her and succeed in spite of her undermining behavior for a long time. (As an aside, I’ve also dealt with a few “mean guys” too, but that’s for a different article.)

I come into contact with mean girls from time to time – both personally and professionally just like we all do – and I carry with me the memories of working with some very toxic females, which have helped me develop a thicker skin, and learn how to navigate them. These are important skills to have throughout your career because you will inevitably run up against mean girls from time to time.

Before I delve deeper into this topic, I want to make it very clear that are plenty of amazing, supportive women in the workforce, and I’ve been very lucky to work with a number of them. They aren’t threatened by other women, and instead they go above and beyond to help others succeed. They are true role models. This article isn’t about them.

I could have written an entire series of articles about the supportive women who have mentored me throughout my career. This article is about those women in the workplace who do not have your best interests at heart, and how to protect yourself against them. It’s important to remember that while you cannot can’t change someone else, you can change your own behavior, and this article will teach you how to do just that.

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Logan Tracey is the Head of Business Development and Marketing for the Real Estate practice at Herrick Feinstein, one of New York City’s largest full-service commercial real estate law and land use & zoning practices. She also leads the BD efforts for the Israel and Nordic practices, with a focus on inbound transactions to the United States.

Before beginning her career in legal marketing, Logan was a singer and an actress in New York working in theater, television, commercials and indie film. Her studio album, For Sale, can be found on iTunes, Spotify and where ever you stream your music.

I’m so glad I met her many years ago through the Legal Marketing Association and thankful for social media to help us keep in touch.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and learn more about her in this profile.

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