The next woman who wows is Dallas-based Deborah McMurray, the founder and CEO of strategy, design, content and technology agency Content Pilot.

There are so many great things I want to say about Deborah. She is kind, smart, witty, funny, elegant, wise and humble. We were introduced through mutual friends in the legal

The next women who wows is  Emily Griesing.

Emily is a Co-Owner and the Chief Strategy Officer at Bossible, a marketing and business development consultancy for entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses and diverse businesses. She advises clients on how to create and amplify a unique brand voice in order to stand out, reach their target audience and scale their businesses. She builds and executes custom marketing plans that help clients grow as thought leaders, gain exposure in their industries and develop new business.

Emily specializes in marketing to Millennial and Generation Z cohorts and has experience working with clients in a wide range of industries including arts and entertainment, consumer products, finance, health and wellness, leadership consulting, legal, lifestyle, media and technology, non-profits and real estate.

Emily is also the Marketing Manager at Griesing Law, LLC – a firm founded by her mother – where she promotes the capabilities of the Firm and the team of attorneys through various marketing and business development efforts. She is the recipient of Family Business Magazine’s NextGens to Watch, awarded to accomplished young people who represent the second through the sixth generations of family businesses. Emily writes and speaks on topics related to marketing and business development, corporate culture and entrepreneurship for various business outlets.

Learn more about Emily.
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Melanie Lippman is a New York-based image consultant and personal stylist. She works with attorneys to stop the stress and overwhelm of getting dressed that holds women back from achieving next-level visibility. She defines their personal brand style in a way that makes clients instantly recognizable, memorable and seen as a leader.⁣ Melanie feels that when you are confident about how you present yourself, you can show up and conquer anything the day brings.

I found Melanie on LinkedIn and thought her posts were terrific. I highly recommend that you connect with her there. Also check out her web site. Learn more about Melanie and her career path.

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In this installment of Women Who Wow, learn more about Suzanne Koch, the Director of Engagement Solutions at Fulcrum GT. Suzanne is an experienced legal finance and financial systems technology strategist.

I met Suzanne at the LMA P3 Conference a few years ago when she came to a social media program that I gave. We then sat together at a group lunch, and we had such a lovely conversation.  We’ve kept in touch through LinkedIn – of course! Another testament to how social media can help you build relationships long after you meet someone in-person who is from another part of the country.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Suzanne.

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In this installment of Women Who Wow, learn more about California-based legal marketing consultant Merry Neitlich.

Merry has been the founding partner of EM Consulting for the past 30 years, which works with law firms and lawyers to create unique and sustained business development opportunities focused around the transformative changes taking place in the