Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world.

The aim of the IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity campaign is to get the world talking about why equal opportunities aren’t enough.

Here are some ways you can celebrate International Women’s Day today and every day.

  1. Connect with other women: Reach out to your female friends, family members and colleagues to show your support and solidarity with them.
  2. Attend an event: Look for local events or virtual gatherings happening in your area to join and celebrate International Women’s Day together.
  3. Learn about women’s history: Take the time to research and learn about the history of women’s rights movements and the contributions of influential women in various fields. I talk to my niece (pictured here) about strong women in history often.
  4. Share inspiring stories: Share stories of inspiring women who have made a difference in your life or who have made a positive impact on society.
    Speak up for women’s rights: Use your voice to advocate for gender equality, speak up against gender discrimination and violence against women.
  5. Support women-owned businesses: Make a conscious effort to shop from women-owned businesses and support female entrepreneurs.
  6. Donate to a women’s charity: Support women’s causes by donating to a women’s charity that promotes gender equality and empowerment.
  7. Volunteer: Volunteer for a women’s organization or initiative to help support women in your community.
  8. Highlight other women: Tag a woman below who has made a positive impact on your life. Support them on social media. Support them in real life too. We are stronger when we lift up each other.

I am incredibly proud to work for a woman-owned law firm that seeks to do good for the world through public interest and pro bono work.

My passion is my Women Who Wow initiative, which seeks to empower women and highlight their accomplishments.

Together, we can create a more just and equitable world for all.

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