Right before the pandemic, I was invited to speak at a conference (see the photo here) all because of a LinkedIn post. Someone in my network saw the post and recommended me to the conference organizer.

Interactions like this happen every single day. And they should be happening to you too.

You could be the best at what you do, but if you’re not marketing yourself on social media, you’re not reaching your full potential today.

You can speak at all the right conferences and write all of the best articles in the right publications, but if you’re not actually marketing yourself using social media, you’re not doing everything you can to be visible in front of the people who are the most important such as your prospects and referrals and clients.

I’ve gotten clients through my LinkedIn posts too. LinkedIn works if you allow it to.

One of my LinkedIn posts even led to a media placement for me. It went viral (it was a timely post on the state of the booming legal recruiting market), and I was contacted by several reporters as a result. I didn’t have to hire a public relations agency or do any proactive media outreach, LinkedIn did the work for me.

I never once sold my services on LinkedIn because I didn’t have to – I had been providing value.

Even if you’re not thinking about starting a business or looking for a job, LinkedIn can help you amplify your personal brand and build your network AND your business for the future. It’s an investment in YOU.

I don’t know more than anyone else – I just put myself out there more than most. If I can do it, so can you!

There are countless other ways to build your business and brand on LinkedIn and I cover them in these articles such as 15 ways to be more successful on LinkedIn today.

So the time is now for you to start using LinkedIn to your advantage – the possibilities are endless and it’s free to use it!

When it comes to LinkedIn, think of it this way – there are 800 million members, which equals 800 million opportunities.

Just ONE percent of them use LinkedIn to post. And most of those posts aren’t really that good. They’re either boring or too self-promotional.

Remember that it’s free to post and build your brand and business on LinkedIn.

So why aren’t you taking advantage of all LinkedIn – the largest and most important online professional network – has to offer?

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I would love to hear what strategies have worked for you in building your personal brand on LinkedIn and how did you get started doing it?