I can’t tell you how many messages I receive on LinkedIn every week where men inappropriately comment about my looks or ask me on a date.

Reminder – LinkedIn was created for professional networking. LinkedIn is not a dating website. It is not a place to search for women.

Reminder – women do not want to be propositioned on LinkedIn.

We don’t want to be marginalized.

We don’t want to be objectified.

We don’t want to be told we are beautiful in the context of complementing one of our posts or inquiring about our services.

This is a business platform.

I am here to post helpful content to help business professionals with marketing and social media.

I am not looking to cross the line and neither should you.

So please always keep it professional on LinkedIn (and everywhere else).

Treat LinkedIn as if you are in an office and act professionally when communicating with me or anyone else on this platform.

If this happens to you, I recommend to not engage. Just block the person and report them to LinkedIn.

PS – while some of these inappropriate and unwanted comments are sent by LinkedIn messenger, be aware that anytime you like or comment on a woman’s post or tell her that she is beautiful, everyone can see your activity right on your profile!

So on behalf of all of the women on LinkedIn, please think before you type that next message that may cross the line – your reputation is at stake.

And if any women need help dealing with a man who is sending you inappropriate messages on LinkedIn, please reach out to me. You will always have an advocate in me.