One of my LinkedIn posts recently went viral, getting more than 12K likes and 1 million plus views.

That same post also went viral on Twitter, catching the attention of several reporters who then reached out to me for commentary on the topic.

My social media post sparked an article from Law360, the American Lawyer and the ABA Journal.

How’s that for demonstrating the power of social media?

The best part is that I did not pay anyone for these media placements.

I got them because I was providing information of value.

I didn’t send a lengthy press release. I didn’t even contact a reporter.

My intention was not to get quoted in the media.

My goal was to educate and inform others, and bring to light the competitive legal hiring market and what law firms can do to retain their people.

That’s it.

When your intentions are good and you are trying to help others, if structured well and written well, your content will stand out in the sea of sameness that I see throughout my social media feeds.

When you lay out an important and timely issue and present a unique solution, you can capture the attention of your audience.

Your social media posts can lead to media placements and go viral- what a concept!

Of course none of this would have been possible if I hadn’t been connected on social media with some of these reporters from my 20 years in the legal industry.

But even that’s not necessary in order to go viral on social media.

That’s because as long as someone to whom you are connected is connected to the reporter, they may very well see your content.

So at the heart of being successful and making an impact on social media – particularly LinkedIn – is to have a strong network.

So build your network and show up consistently on LinkedIn to support others. LinkedIn is a community at its core.

And of course, create content that helps and delights others.

You may very well go viral, wind up in a leading publication or get a new piece of business, just like I did from one single social media post.

Here are more suggestions on how you can go viral on LinkedIn as well as tips on how to keep from hemmoraging employees during the Great Resignation.

If you missed my webinar on how to go viral on LinkedIn, request the replay here.

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