People ask me all the time about how they can go viral on LinkedIn.

Especially after one of my recent LinkedIn posts gathered 12K likes and over one million views (it surpassed my wildest expectations)!

I want to help you go viral on LinkedIn too.

It won’t happen often but it can happen.

The best way to go viral on LinkedIn is to be yourself, be helpful to others and be active on the platform.

Getting Personal = Going Viral

Velocity + Engagement = Going Viral

Your content must be interesting and helpful but going viral really has to do with how fast and how much the people who do see your post engage with it via likes, comments, shares, etc.

Yesterday I spoke to a group of 150 business professionals about how I went viral on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I provided attendees with tips on how they can use what I learned to create posts that resonate with their network.

I told the group that going viral on LinkedIn is about not trying to go viral.

It’s about creating content that really resonates with your network.

It’s about authenticity and luck.

It’s about sharing your personal stories. Your challenges. Your background.

It’s about hooking in the reader in the critical first three lines of your post before it says “see more.”

It’s about using hashtags strategically.

It’s posting at the right time of day.

It’s ending your post with a question to encourage comments and a call to action.

It’s learning the tricks of the LinkedIn algorithm.

It’s being confident in what you post but open to changing your strategy based on your engagement.

It’s about using white space in posts and short paragraphs that make it easy to grab your reader’s attention when they’re scrolling.

It’s responding to all post comments – especially within the critical first 30 to 60 minutes after posting.

It’s not including links in your posts because  LinkedIn will penalize you for taking people off the platform.

And most of all it’s being human!

If you missed the presentation and want to watch it – here’s a link to sign up for the recording.

Also, I’m going to be offering a small LinkedIn group coaching course for the first time starting in January. If you are interested, message me or sign up here.

If I can go viral on LinkedIn, you can too!