A law firm recently asked me if they could remove associate bios from their web site because they are worried about them being poached in this highly competitive and booming legal jobs market.

In response I said, “focus on creating an environment where your associates won’t want to leave instead.”

And that goes for all of your employees of course. If you give them reasons to stay (treat them well, ensure their safety and have their backs – see below), they won’t want to leave.

The pandemic led countless employees to question what they really want — from their employer, their day-to-day experience at work and their career as a whole.

The Great Resignation has shown that employees want more from their organizations: more flexibility, more acknowledgement and advancement, and a more diverse and equitable environment.

Companies that recognize this new workplace dynamic and take steps to innovate will be better positioned to retain their top talent.

Returning to ‘normal’ or the way life was is not possible because we have been forever changed by this collective experience.

I’m working with a few law firms on their recruiting marketing strategy and here’s what I tell them when they ask me how they can keep their people as well as recruit new talent.

  • Extend remote work options equitably
  • Ask what can make them more comfortable in this ‘new normal’
  • Train managers to lead hybrid teams
  • Reevaluate and reconfigure physical workspaces
  • Support employee well-being and mental health ( all year long, not just during mental health awareness month)
  • Invest in training and development so they can see a future at your organization
  • Encourage lateral moves within your organization
  • Support employees who show signs of burnout
  • Promote your people
  • Provide challenging work
  • Offer above-market compensation, benefits and time off
  • Boost morale by providing rewards to say thank you
  • Offer more autonomy/authority and ownership

Making educational and career advancement opportunities available, even if they result in employees growing up and out of your organization, is a must, because you never know when an employee might return to your organization, or when they’ll make a key referral

There are many reasons why employees may be considering leaving their jobs.

While some are outside of your control, being proactive about the things you can control can help you get ahead of the Great Resignation and avoid losing your best people.

Let’s turn this Great Resignation into the Great Retention.

Here’s a video with more on this topic.