I have a what to say when you have nothing to say content idea for you. It’s about using third-party quotes about you, your employees and your organization to your benefit.

One of the things I like to do is to take the quotes from Glassdoor (only the good ones of course), Chambers, U.S. News Best Law Firms, Google, LinkedIn and any other rankings where there is commentary and create social media posts, website copy and pitch material from them.

This content is so rich and full of useful information that helps you convey your value proposition without having to restate it yourself or sound boastful.

I don’t see law firms use this information to their advantage, and they should be!

You can use this in info your recruiting efforts as well, which we all know is so important in this incredibly competitive talent market.

Consultants and recruiters can also utilize quotes like these regarding what it is like to work with you.

You can ask your clients to leave you a recommendation on your LinkedIn page and then repurpose those quotes.

I once got a client based on a LinkedIn recommendation that was on my page so you never know who is looking at these quotes.

The first thing I recommend is to take all of the information from the various sources and put it into one central spreadsheet organized by publication and year. Then you can get to work with repurposing the quotes.

Bring them to life with visuals like I did here using Canva, the graphic design tool for non-graphic designers.

This is valuable evergreen content that you can reuse over and over.

Let me know what you think of this tip and if you will try it out!

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