Choose people who choose you is such a simple statement but it’s so hard for many of us to follow it.

I’ve learned the hard way the importance of being very careful about who I allow into my life both personally and professionally. 

I’ve also learned what I will tolerate and how I deserve to be treated by others. If I feel like I’m being disrespected or treated badly, I disappear instead of trying harder to make them like me.

Choosing the people who choose you involves reevaluating your current relationships in addition to establishing healthy self-care and learning about personal boundaries.

It also involves finding the strength to distance yourself from those who make you feel bad and don’t appreciate you. Sometimes you just have to – that’s protecting yourself and having personal boundaries. Sometimes this is temporary and sometimes it’s not.

It is about saying “I will not give you time and attention if you don’t treat me with respect and give me these things in return.” Despite knowing all of this it’s still so hard for many of us actually put it in practice even when someone has disappointed us.

In this installment of Women Who Wow, learn more about Diana Lauritson, a legal marketer and volunteer leader in the Legal Marketing Association.

Diana has had a versatile career and spent several years working in government and public affairs before entering the legal industry.

In addition to legal, her background in business development, marketing, communications, and community relations encompasses a variety of industries and areas, including higher education, management consulting, trade associations, and nonprofits. She is passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, civic engagement and alternative dispute resolution.

Lindsey Bombardier is the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Lenczner Slaght. She manages a talented group of professionals and works closely with the firm’s management committee, lawyers and business team members to enhance client development and drive brand awareness. She is also responsible for internal communications and is an active member of the firm’s Business Continuity Committee, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Innovation Hive™.

Lindsey is a longtime director of the Legal Marketing Association, Canada Region. She is the co-creator of LMANext, a program supporting the next generation of legal marketers. Before joining Lenczner Slaght, Lindsey worked for nearly a decade at one of Canada’s largest law firms.

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Janessa Shaikun has overseen marketing efforts at Baltimore law firm Franklin & Prokopik since March 2015. She currently serves as the firm’s Director of Marketing and Business Development

Janessa is a longtime Legal Marketing Association volunteer, and has held several leadership roles.

In her spare time, Janessa enjoys skiing, playing Baltimore city social sports, watching the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Learn more about her in this Women Who Wow profile.