As we enter September, Q4 becomes a pivotal time for professionals and companies to ramp up their marketing activities. It’s not just about closing the year on a strong note, but also about setting the foundation for success in the following year. Here’s a comprehensive list of Q4 marketing to-dos that can provide momentum and direction for businesses and individuals as we get close to 2024.

As many individuals take a break to recharge this time of year, there’s a valuable opportunity to focus on marketing and business development. Rather than letting your marketing efforts hibernate, your downtime can be strategically leveraged to amplify your brand and strengthen client relationships. Whether you’re amidst a vacation or experiencing a temporary business lull, consider these practical steps to invigorate your marketing and business development strategies.

As we transition from August to September, it’s an apt time for the legal community to reevaluate their branding and marketing strategies. The transition between seasons offers more than just a change in weather; it’s an opportunity to ensure that branding efforts are robust, effective and aligned with industry shifts and client needs and wants. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Here’s a reality check: Just because you posted it once doesn’t mean everyone saw it. People’s online habits differ widely – some scroll leisurely, others have sporadic online presence and some might simply have missed your post amidst the flood of content.

You should assume that most people did not see it. And that’s why you need to repurpose your content.

The holiday season is approaching faster than we realize, and with that comes the annual tradition of sending out holiday cards. The way we approach holiday cards today has transformed, offering more creative and efficient methods to reach out and spread the festive cheer through email. The challenge? Making sure your card stands out in the digital deluge. Here’s how.

In the world of legal services, the general counsel stands as a pivotal decision maker. Recognizing their content preferences can significantly influence law firms’ approach to securing new clients or fortifying existing ones. But with a deluge of legal insights flooding their inboxes daily, what do GCs genuinely seek from law firm content?

Maximizing your law firm’s impact goes beyond the live webinar session. While webinars stand as essential tools for showcasing expertise and building client relationships, the real magic lies in the post-webinar strategy. Unlock opportunities to amplify client engagement and continue the momentum generated during the session. Dive deep into actionable steps to ensure enduring webinar impact and elevate your digital marketing strategy.