Jessica Grayson is one of the recent awesome women I featured in my women who wow series.

Her profile was so full of great advice, I wanted highlight some of her career advice for women in another post. Here’s what she said when it came to success tips for women of all stages of their careers.

  • Get to meetings early to make sure you get a seat at the table – and when you get there, take up space.
  • Speak up – your ideas and opinions are not only valuable, they’re crucial.
  • Have your colleagues’ backs and cheer each other on – publicly!
  • Know your stuff – be an expert in your field.
  • Feedback (from reliable sources) is a gift.
  • Invest in your own professional development – beyond what your company or firm provides.
  • Build a strong network of colleagues, peers and friends.
  • Every season of life brings its own unique challenges and rewards; slow down, enjoy successes in the moment and embrace opportunities for growth.
  • You got this!

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