For a long time I tried to dim my light in hopes it would make another woman at work feel more comfortable. She always questioned me and marginalized me. One day she told me there was only room for one of us.

It didn’t work. Because I couldn’t help being me. Something about me rubbed her the wrong way. Maybe she was threatened by me, maybe I made her feel insecure. Whatever it was, dimming my light was never the right answer.

She ganged up against me with other mean girls, and I dreaded going to work. Eventually I wound up leaving because working there wasn’t healthy for me.

You are not responsible for how others feel. Keep being you. Let the haters move to the side.

She gave me the extra drive to succeed and work harder. I want to thank her for that. Your haters can become your best motivators.

Don’t doubt yourself, instead start doubting the people around you.

Silence your naysayers and keep rising. I’m so glad I did. There is enough room for all of us to succeed.

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