Surrounding myself with bright, passionate, inspiring, driven women helps me grow.

I see women in my network who are leading by example every day – which is why I started Women Who Wow.

I started the Women Who Wow series in March 2020 right before we went into lockdown for the pandemic.

It was intended to be a special feature just for Women’s History Month, but it turned into an ongoing celebration of women and their accomplishments and one that I plan on running for a long time because there are so many amazing women out there.

I did it to spotlight women, their amazing career paths and advice.

I did it to elevate and empower women.

I did it to celebrate the accomplishments of women.

I did it because I want to lift up other women and give them a platform to shine.

Sharing the spotlight with others and learning from and promoting them is one of the most important things you can do in your career.

Women supporting women is powerful. We can all learn so much from each other – from each other’s experiences and stories. That’s why each of these Q&As are so powerful. There is such great advice from each woman in them.

I am proud to amplify the voices of female leaders, and I hope you will read their stories here.

I’ve profiled more than 100 women so far (!) and we are only getting started. Message me if you want to be in the series or know an amazing woman who should be.